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5x06-Debra Chambers
Debra Chambers
Portrayed by: Paget Brewster
First appearance: "Analysis of Cork-based Networking"
Date of birth: March 10, 1969
Department: Information Technology
Position: Network Administrator


Right now they make me park in Annex B. Like a...lunch lady.
— Debra Chambers, "Analysis of Cork-based Networking".

Debra Chambers works in the IT department at Greendale Community College. She is a straight-forward worker who manages the Internet filter for the school's network. She was one of many school staffers whose help Professor Buzz Hickey and Annie Edison needed to accomplish a goal for the Save Greendale committee. Her first appearance was in the Season Five episode "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking". She is portrayed by actress Paget Brewster.

Character history[]

Season Five[]

In Annie Edison's fifth year at school she teamed up with Professor Buzz Hickey to rehang a bulletin board for the Save Greendale Committee. This seemingly easy endeavor led to several meetings with various department heads. One of them was Debra Chambers of the IT department. Hickey knew her and hoped she could help with a request from the Custodial department head Bob Waite. In order for him to approve his workers to rehang the sign Waite asked that his department's Internet access be unrestricted. Hickey and Annie came to Chambers with this favor but she failed to grasp what they were asking her to do. She assumed the web filter was blocking a site that should be accessible and suggested that somebody from the custodial department merely needed to submit a URL to have it unblocked. Annie cut to the chase and directly offered Debra a bribe.

Chambers is confused
Chambers is confused.
Chambers was surprised at first but was quickly amenable to accepting her offer. Debra asked if they could get her better parking spot since she was being forced to park in "Annex B" alongside the cafeteria workers. Annie assured her the committee could make this happen but in exchange everything needed to get through the porn blocker Chambers set up. When Debra asked for clarification, Annie simply yelled "Everything!" and immediately got the hint. However, Annie and Hickey were ultimately unsuccessful in getting her the parking spot from the parking department head Waldron. Debra kept the online restrictions in place for the custodial department disappointing Bob Waite. She was later shown researching a bicycle purchase online for her daily trip to work ("Analysis of Cork-based Networking").

Buying a bike
Chambers decides to buy a bike.

Season Six[]

The following year, when the school's wi-fi shut down due to a bird's nest on the school's router, new efficiency consultant Frankie Dart tried to contact Debra by phone and email, to no avail. With Debra having apparently abandoned her position, Dean Pelton hired Elroy Patashnik to replace her ("Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing").


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