Dildopolis    OFF CAMPUS
Purpose : Marital aids store — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Celebrity Pharmacology 212"

Visitors: Perverts

Let me answer your question with two of my own: what are you doing in an apartment located above Dildopolis, and when did they open a second location?
Pierce, "Celebrity Pharmacology 212".

Dildopolis is a marital aids store often referred to as being located in a bad neighborhood. Pierce Hawthorne implied it is part of a franchise as he is familiar with another location. Annie Edison lived above the store in a small apartment for two years. It is open 24 hours with an outdoor P.A. system, a flashing neon sign and apparently does not close on President's Day or presumably any holiday. All purchases from the store show up on customers' credit cards as being billed by ABC Dildos Incorporated. The store has an indoor cafe with an espresso machine along with a menu that includes their signature cinnamon biscotti. It has never actually appeared but has been referenced many times, the first mention being in the Season Two episode "Celebrity Pharmacology 212".


Although the store is never fully seen on the show, it boasts a bright neon sign that is visible from Annie's window in the episode end tag for "Celebrity Pharmacology 212". The store also has loud outdoor speakers that are used to announce various deals and bargains to be found inside. Both the neon lights and the speakers can be seen disturbing Annie while she is trying to sleep. In the same episode, Pierce reveals that the store Annie lives above is the second location of another "Dildopolis" that he knows about. The store is located in a bad neighborhood, one in which Annie feels compelled to carry a concealed weapon in order to defend herself. This was shown in "Remedial Chaos Theory" in an alternate timeline when Troy discovers the gun in Annie's purse. It was further illustrated when Annie remarked how she would often have to provide first aid to some of her nieghbors as people were always being maimed or hurt in someway where she lived. Abed later extended an invitation for Annie to move in with him and Troy which she happily agreed to. The building the store is located in as well as Annie's apartment is last seen in "Studies in Modern Movement". A shadow puppet representing the store is utilized when Abed and Troy perform a puppet show to entertain Annie. In the story, their character counterparts along with Horsebot 3000 rescue "Princess Annie" from Dildopolis. 

Annie trying to sleep
Annie trying to sleep above Dildopolis.