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Dildopolis    OFF CAMPUS
Purpose : Marital aids store — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Celebrity Pharmacology 212"

Visitors: Perverts

Let me answer your question with two of my own: what are you doing in an apartment located above Dildopolis, and when did they open a second location?
Pierce, "Celebrity Pharmacology 212".

Annie trying to sleep
Annie trying to sleep above Dildopolis.
Dildopolis is a marital aids store with two known locations in Greendale, Colorado. It has never actually appeared but has been referenced many times, the first mention being in the Season Two episode "Celebrity Pharmacology 212".


Season Two[]

In Greendale county are two adult product retailers open 24 hours a day named Dildopolis. The stores have a bright flashing neon sign and an outdoor P.A. system used to announce sales. They have indoor cafes with an espresso machine along with a menu that includes their signature cinnamon biscotti. Unlike most stores it does not close on President's Day or presumably any holiday. All purchases from the store show up on customers' credit cards as being billed by ABC Dildos Incorporated. Above one of the stores said to be located in a bad neighborhood are apartments for rent.

One of the occupants was Annie Edison, a student at Greendale Community College. She would provide first aid to some of her nieghbors as people were always being maimed or hurt in that location. Because the area was a red light district Annie once carried a concealed weapon and even took self defense classes. Her friend and classmate Pierce Hawthorne once visited Annie and was familiar with the Dildoplis franchise unaware they opened a second store. Despite how cheap the rent was Annie rarely got a good nights sleep due to the loud P.A. system and flashing neon sign outside her window ("Celebrity Pharmacology 212").

Season Three[]

Eventually Annie moved out after another friend Abed Nadir extended an invitation for her to move in with him and Troy Barnes at their place. On her moving day Pierce did some accidental damage to her apartment and had to pay the landlord to get it all fixed. In celebration of her moving in with them, Troy and Abed put on a shadow puppet show for Annie. An outline of a building representing Dildopolis is utilized in the performance. In the story, their character counterparts along with Horsebot 3000 rescue "Princess Annie" from Dildopolis. ("Studies in Modern Movement").


Announcer voice[]

The Dildopolis announcer is voiced by actor Joel McKinnon Miller. He is probably best known for playing Norm Scully on the NBC comedy Brooklyn 99.

John McKinnon Miller
Joel McKinnon Miller