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First appearance: "The Psychology of Letting Go" — Owned by: students — Used by: Teachers for an easy assignment
Purpose: Miniature recreations of scenes— Made by: students, hobbyists   PHOTO ICON

My boys are in elementary school and they don't make nearly as many dioramas as we do.
Shirley, "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design".

Dioramas are three-dimensional models, usually done in miniature scale, and built to recreate specific moments from history or fiction. They are often used in schools for simple class projects. At Greendale, the Anthropology class had many such diorama assignments. However there were a few exceptions which were created specifically to promote a cause, recreate a scene from a movie and plan an elaborate heist. They first appeared in the Season Two episode "The Psychology of Letting Go".

List of dioramas[]

Season Two[]

"Oil spill diorama" - Debut: "The Psychology of Letting Go"
Oil spill Diorama

This was a diorama constructed by Annie and Britta to promote awareness of and get donations for an oil spill disaster which occurred.
"Evolution of Man" - Debut: "Cooperative Calligraphy"
2x8 Promo pic 29

This diorama was an Anthropology project which featured an imaginary evolution of humanity into a giant, winged three legged creature.
"Alternative energy the key to a brighter tomorrow" - Debut: "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design"
2x9 Promotional photo7

This is a diorama Annie built for the annual "Green Week" event held at Greendale. It features a miniature electric car going from the "dark" era of fossil fuels to the "bright" era of alternative energies.
"20th Diorama of the 19th Diorama" - Debut: "Paradigms of Human Memory"
20th Diorama

This diorama was built by the study group as their final Anthropology project. It features the study group in the study room working on their 19th diorama.

Season Three[]

"Indiana Jones diorama" - Debut: "Remedial Chaos Theory"
Indiana Jones diorama

This diorama was built by Abed as a tribute to one of his favorite films. It is featured prominently in his apartment and he enjoys showing it off.
"Christmas pageant diorama" - Debut: "Regional Holiday Music"
Mr.Rad's diorama

This diorama was constructed by Greendale's Glee club conductor Cory Radison. He had planned the stage direction for the upcoming Christmas pageant down to the last detail. Abed noticed he had Britta in a non-singing role as a tree.
"Greendale campus diorama" - Debut: "First Chang Dynasty"
Greendale campus diorama

This diorama was constructed by Jeff. He and the study group were using it to plan an elaborate heist to infiltrate the school and rescue Dean Pelton who was being held captive by Ben Chang. Shirley disliked the fact that Jeff made a working miniature water fountain but used a pine cone to represent her.