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First appearance: "The Politics of Human Sexuality"
Date of birth: UNKNOWN
Home town: Denver, Colorado
Occupation: ESCORT


We're through, Pierce. I'm gonna go to the bar and you can join me if you'd like and we can still have a lovely evening. But it will cost you two hundred bucks.
— Doreen, "The Politics of Human Sexuality".

Doreen portrayed by Sharon Lawrence.
Doreen is a student at Greendale Community College. She works as an escort and attends Pierce's marketing class. Doreen is an older student with a mature and sophisticated manner. She is introduced as Pierce's latest girlfriend and presented as a counterpoint to Jeff's date for the STD fair Sabrina Shmuckle. Doreen appears in the Season One episode "The Politics of Human Sexuality". Doreen is portrayed by actress Sharon Lawrence.

Character history[]

In the study group's first year at school, Pierce had some news he was eager to share with Jeff. Despite Jeff's disinterest, Pierce went ahead and happily told him that he had a new girlfriend. Her name was Doreen, a fellow student from his marketing class. He informed the rest of the group when they arrived who were more supportive. Their reaction changed after Pierce revealed that Doreen was an escort. Despite her profession Pierce insisted that their relationship was personal and not business. Later, Pierce mocked Jeff for showing up at the STD Fair without a date. Spurred by Pierce's taunting, Jeff found Dean Pelton's assistant Sabrina Shmuckle and charmed her into being his date. After they met up with Pierce and his date, Doreen both surprised and impressed Jeff.

Her unexpected class and intelligence contrasted Sabrina's vapidness and immaturity. When Sabrina went to use the restroom and Pierce left to get a drink, Doreen criticized Jeff for having such a shallow date. Doreen told him that as a man gets older he needs a woman who shares his interests and can carry on a real conversation. She pointed out that Sabrina doesn't suit Jeff at all. After Jeff leaves with Sabrina, Doreen gets fed up with Pierce's oafish and inconsiderate behavior. She informs him that their date is over but suggests Pierce can continue their evening by hiring her as an escort. Pierce borrows the money from Jeff and eagerly heads over to the bar and handed it to Doreen ("The Politics of Human Sexuality").

S01E11-Doreen boots in shop
They're in the shop!


In the Season Two episode "Critical Film Studies", it's revealed that Jeff's mom is named Doreen as well. This isn't the first time a name has been recycled on the show, other instances include Joshua the groundskeeper with Joshua from The Changlourious Basterds and Toby the pizza guy with Toby the Spanish student and Toby the fanboy in Season Four.


Despite what most people think, I actually spend most of my time talking.Doreen
Sabrina's cute but she thinks that Monty Python is the evil snake from Harry Potter.Doreen