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Dos Mundos

  Dos Mundos  
First appearance: Pilot — Owned by: Spanish 101 students — Used by: Greendale students
Purpose: text book— Made by: McGraw-Hill publishers   PHOTO ICON

Señor Chang, we're trying to figure out whose Spanish book this was before Troy's.
— Shirley, "Physical Education".

Spanish textbook2
"Dos Mundos".
Dos Mundos is a Spanish textbook used by the Study Group in their first year at school. Its first appearance was in the Season One episode "Pilot".


Notable appearances[]

1X1 The rest of the study group arrives
Featuring: The Study Group

All the members of the study group are seen having the textbook in their possession in this episode.

PE Hearts and rainbows Abed
   "Physical Education"
Featuring: The Study Group, Ben Chang

Troy's textbook had a drawing that the study group assumed was of Abed in it.

Escodera textbook
   "English as a Second Language"
Featuring: The Study Group, Doctor Escodera

The replacement for Señor Chang, Doctor Escodera, holds up the book and tells the students that the final exams will deal with everything in text.


Dos Mundos is a Spanish text book from the McGraw-Hill Higher Education company. The version seen on the show is the sixth edition first published in 2005. The title translation in English is "Two worlds". A new copy is sold for $8.95 on Amazon.

Dos mundos
Dos mundos.