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Doctor Escodera
Portrayed by: MARLENE FORTE
First appearance: "English as a Second Language"


Okay, in English...You will be taking a standard exam for students at your level. It will cover this entire textbook.
— Doctor Escodera, "English as a Second Language".

Doctor Escodera
Doctor Escodera.
Doctor Escodera is a Spanish instructor who replaced Ben Chang as the Spanish 101 teacher at the end of the study group's first year at Greendale. Her only appearance was in the Season One episode "English as a Second Language". She is portrayed by actress Marlene Forte.

Character history[]

In the study group's first year at Greendale, Doctor Escodera was hired by Dean Pelton to replace the Spanish teacher Señor Chang. An anonymous source had alerted the dean to the fact that Chang didn't have a teaching degree. Although he could have forced the students to retake Spanish, Pelton decided not to invalidate the grades the students had earned so far. After firing Chang, he brought in Escodera to finish up the semester and carry out the final exam. Escodera was introduced to the class by Pelton and they were immediately intimidated by her stoic demeanor. After trying to talk to the class in Spanish, it became apparent that Señor Chang was a very poor teacher as none of the students were able to understand her. She tells the class that the finals will based on the entire textbook and not just a few chapters.

The day of the exam, Jeff learns from Shirley that Annie went to go see Ben Chang in his office to admit she was the one who exposed him as a fraud. Concerned for her safety, he and the rest of the study group left the exam defying Doctor Escodera's orders not to leave the classroom. The other students led by Star-Burns, decided to follow suit and left as well. Despite their actions, Escodera allowed all the students including the study group to later resume the Spanish exam. Afterwards, the exam results were posted and it was shown that every member of the group passed. It's then revealed that sometime before the Spanish finals, Pierce slept with her and convinced her to make the test as easy as possible so that everyone could pass.

Pierce and Escodera
She's easier than her class.