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Doctor Heidi
Dr. Heidi
Portrayed by: John Hodgman
First appearance: "Curriculum Unavailable"
Occupation: Psychiatrist...?
Reason for visit: To therapize Abed Nadir


Search your minds for the real memories. Try to look past the trauma you've been blocking out.
— Dr. Heidi, Curriculum Unavailable".

Dr. Heidi.
Dr. Heidi is a psychiatrist who was supposedly hired by Dean Pelton so his services could be used to help Abed Nadir. The study group attends the session with Abed and end up learning more about themselves and their current situation than they were prepared for. Dr. Heidi's first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Curriculum Unavailable". He is portrayed by actor/comedian John Hodgman.

Character history[]

In the study group's third year at Greendale, they were involved in instigating a riot in the school's cafeteria. After "Dean Pelton" put the entire blame for the incident on the study group the school board had them all expelled. Abed guessed that Ben Chang was behind their expulsion and had replaced Pelton with a look-a-like. He began investigating on campus role playing as The Inspector but was arrested by Officer Cackowski for trespassing on school grounds. In order to avoid "Pelton" pressing charges, Abed was asked to attend a therapy session with a Dr. Heidi in order put to rest his conspiracy theories. The group decided to accompany Abed for moral support. As the session went on, Dr Heidi eventually tried to convince the group that their time in Greendale was an illusion and that they were actually asylum inmates. He succeeded in convincing them, until they realized how inplausable it is that would be the case and confronted him, with him revealing that he was a fake psychiatrist who was hired by Chang to throw them off the scent.


  • According to the Season 3 DVD commentaries, the role of Dr. Heidi was originally written for Nathan Fillion, who had to bow out from the role due to scheduling conflicts. Fillion later appeared on the show as Bob Waite.
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