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First appearance: PilotOwned by: Pierce HawthorneUsed by: Pierce Hawthorne
Purpose: to spy on people— Made by: Dragan   PHOTO ICON

Dragonflyer BEYOTCH!
Pierce Hawthorne, "Aerodynamics of Gender".

The Draganflyer was a remote piloted miniature helicopter toy owned and operated by Pierce Hawthorne. The hovering radio controlled device was yet another expensive item Pierce purchased in order to impress the Study group. It was powered by four rotating motors and was equipped with a spy camera. Pierce used the helicopter to try and discover the source of Troy and Jeff's newfound serenity. The Draganflyer was first seen in the Season Two episode "Aerodynamics of Gender".


During the study group's second year together at Greendale, Troy and Jeff began competing in a few testosterone fueled contests. Feeling left out, Pierce bought a Draganflyer remote controlled helicopter and attempted to join in one of their games. Pierce found Troy and Jeff playing basketball on the campus back court and presented his new toy to them. He was told that they had moved on from RC devices and uninterested in playing. Pierce then decided to use the Draganflyer to annoy them and sent it into the court disrupting their game. Jeff and Troy complained but Pierce insisted he wasn't doing it and that a Tiny Man was in control. Jeff tried to take out it by throwing the basketball at it but his aim was off. Instead he hit a bottle of water on the table the female study group members were sitting at across from the court.

Tiny Man tiny pilot
The Tiny Man pilots the Draganflyer.

Pierce smiled at the chaotic scene as he had the helicopter fly back to his hand. The next day, Pierce tried again to join in on Troy and Jeff's activities by suiting up in gym clothes for a game of basketball. He was surprised to find them not only uninterested in playing but also in a calm zen-like state. Pierce immediately wanted to know the secret behind their serenity but they refused to answer. When he saw the duo sneaking off together he used his Draganflyer to spy on them. With Leonard's help he looked up the instructions for the helicopter online and downloaded the video from the spy camera. He learned that Jeff and Troy had discovered a "Secret Garden" on the Greendale campus which held the secret to their new laid back attitude. He went to the garden and found them there along with the reason behind their profound change, a giant trampoline.

Jeff and Troy tried to get him to leave but Pierce refused to listen and began jumping on the trampoline. Ignoring their pleas to stop, Pierce demanded that Troy double bounce with him or he'll reveal their secret to the rest of the school. Troy reluctantly complied and the double bouncing resulted in Pierce flying over the surrounding bushes. He landed in a dumpster located just outside the garden and broke both his legs. Pierce's legs were put casts and he was confined to a wheelchair until he healed. He began abusing his pain medication and started hallucinating that a tiny man really was inside the Draganflyer piloting it. The study group looked on worried as Pierce started conversing with the helicopter. Pierce then imagined that the Tiny Pilot told him that it was okay for him to exceed the recommended dosage of his pain pills ("Aerodynamics of Gender").


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