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First appearance: "Social Psychology" — Owned by: Pierce HawthorneUsed by: Pierce Hawthorne
Purpose: To give people sonic hearing— Made by: unknown   PHOTO ICON

No, no, this is my blue tooth headset and this is...Ear-Noculars! It's for spies and what not, it gives you sonic hearing.
Pierce, "Social Psychology".

In the study group's first year at Greendale, Pierce first demonstrated his love of expensive gadgets by showing off his latest toy: The "Ear-Nocular". It resembled a blue-tooth ear piece except it had a miniature satellite dish attached and wore it in his left ear. He tries to impress his friends with its abilities touting it as a device that enhanced one's hearing and was used for espionage. The "Ear-Nocular's first appearance was in the Season One episode "Social Psychology".


In the 2009 fall semester at Greendale, Pierce arrived in the cafeteria to meet up with the study group carrying an express package that had been quickly shipped to him. He made a big show of opening it in front of everyone which caused Shirley to mock the fact that he actually brought his mail to school just to show off. Inside was another expensive technological marvel he spent a lot of money on, "Ear-Noculars". The group was underwhelmed and Troy thought it looked just like the blue tooth headset he was wearing in his right ear. Pierce explained that it gave people "sonic" hearing but Abed pointed out to him that all hearing is sonic. He attempts to demonstrate the gadgets power by telling them that Annie is talking about a science experiment she needs volunteers for unaware that she is standing right behind him.

It's not a hearing aid, it's EAR-NOCULAR!
When Jeff leaves to talk to Britta and Vaughn at the Hot & Brown, he uses the device to listen in on their conversation. The only thing he picked up was the fact that Britta was thinking of drinking more green tea. Later on the campus quad, Pierce partially overhears snatches of Jeff and Shirley's conversation where they are trashing the poem Vaughn had written for Britta. He arrives to the study group meeting later angry and blasts the pair believing they were making fun of him and the rest of the group. When Jeff explains what he heard was them laughing at the poem, Pierce's quickly joins in to bash it as well. Later, Jeff is on the campus quad when he sees Britta and Shirley talking to each other. Speaking in hushed tones and assumes they are talking about him when they giggle at him as he passes by. He spots Pierce on a bench nearby and asks for his Ear-Noculars to her what they are saying.

Pierce tells Jeff that he got rid of the device explaining that man wasn't meant to hear at that level. He goes on to say that a higher power designed humans to hear only to a certain degree because the people we love talk to us at this range. After he leaves Jeff guesses that Pierce got rid of the Ear-Nocular after having overheard the group calling him "Inspector Gadget". During the study group's sophomore year, the Ear-Noculars are briefly seen among various items inside the school's ventilation system. The items had been collected by Troy's pet monkey Annie's Boobs who had started amassing a collection of items related to the study group ("Cooperative Calligraphy"). The loot was later discovered by Ben Chang who went into the air vents looking for a paintbrush the group had seen the monkey steal. He recovered and brought back all the items including the Ear-Noculars ("Paradigms of Human Memory").

The Ear-Nocular among the many items collected by Annie's Boobs.