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Elijah and Jordan1

  Elijah and Jordan  

  Elijah Bennett : Kwesi Boakye/Dante Brown     Jordan Bennett: Tyrel Williams/Dusan Brown  
  Status:Brothers  -  First appearance: "Basic Genealogy"


That's Elijah like the prophet and Jordan like the 14 time NBA All Star.
Shirley, "Basic Genealogy".

Shirley's children
The original Elijah and Jordan.
Elijah and Jordan are the children of Shirley and Andre Bennett. Although they are rambunctious and seem uncaring, they have demonstrated that they have Shirley's kindness and compassion. Ben is the youngest child and whose parentage came into question when it was discovered that Shirley had a brief fling with Chang. Elijah and Jordan's first appearance was in the Season One episode "Basic Genealogy". Elijah Bennett was portrayed by Kwesi Boakye in Seasons One and Three. Dante Brown portrayed Elijah in Seasons Four and Five. Jordan Bennett is portrayed by Tyrel Jackson Williams in Seasons One and Three. Dusan Brown portrayed Jordan in Seasons Four and Five.

Character history[]

Season One[]

When the Family Day event was held at Greendale during the study group's first year at school, Shirley was excited. She told the others how much she was looking forward to it as it would mean she'd be able to spend some quality time with her boys; her schoolwork at the time prevented her from doing that. Shirley was also eager to introduce them to the study group who had yet to meet them. Later that day in Spanish 101, Shirley along with the other students brought their respective family members to class. Her boys Elijah and Jordan were obnoxiously running around and playing before running into Abed's father Gubi Nadir, annoying him with their antics. Shirley gets them to leave Gubi alone while she introduces herself to him. Abed then introduces her to his cousin Abra who was wearing a traditional Islamic burqa.

Elijah and Jordan racially profile Gubi Nadir
Homeland security, Orange alert!
They all later attend the Family Day picnic together. Abra asks her uncle if she can play in a bouncy house set up for the festivities, but Gubi adamantly refuses her request. When Shirley leaves to get a hot dog, Elijah tries to grab a handheld video game from Jordan. The struggle causes them to knock over a cup of juice onto Gubi's shirt. Gubi angrily berates Shirley for her children's actions and calls her a bad mother. A little while later, Shirley returns to the table and notices Elijah and Jordan aren't there, just Abed and Abra. Gubi reappears wearing a new shirt and is not surprised the two are missing.

Shirley and her children at the Family day picnic
Elijah and Jordan at the Greendale Family day picnic.
Abed tells her they are playing hide and seek which causes Shirley to insist that he tell her where they are. She then gets a good look at "Abra" and is shocked. She sends Gubi away to get some napkins and removes the burqa which contains Elijah and Jordan underneath. Confused, Abed points her in the direction of the bouncy house, and Shirley sees the real Abra enjoying herself. Later in the student lounge, Shirley and the boys catch up with Abed. She tells him it was a nice thing he did for his cousin, but Abed says it wasn't his idea: it was Elijah's and Jordan's. He tells her that they are nice kids and compliments her on being a good mother ("Basic Genealogy").

Elijah really wanted that snack cake
He really wanted that snack cake.

Season Three[]

Jordan and Elijah next appear on campus during the study group's third year at school. They attended their parents' wedding rehearsal being held at Greendale in the study room ("Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts"). They make a brief cameo in a documentary that chronicled a civil war at school appearing in a photo with their mother Shirley ("Pillows and Blankets").

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Abed researches a history of the group members before they attended Greendale. He discovers (among many other items) that he met Elijah and Jordan out front of the Dollar Theater. They wanted to see "The Phantom Menace". Abed was standing outside the theater to warn anyone who wanted to see the movie that (in his opinion) it was terrible. When Elijah defends the movie, Abed calls them stupid. The boys leave and call Shirley. It is revealed later that the theater manager got a restraining order on Abed. When Abed's father Gobi Nadir asked Abed to apologize to the manager and he refused, Gobi refused to send Abed to film school ("Heroic Origins").

S04E12-Elijah and Jordan
The boys listening to Abed's warnings about "The Phantom Menace".

Season Five[]

During their mother's fifth year at Greendale, Elijah and Jordan sang the song "Creep" for the grand reopening of Shirley's Sandwiches ("Basic Intergluteal Numismatics").


The Brown Boys[]

Starting with the Season Four episode "Heroic Origins", the original actors for the Bennett Boys Tyriel Jackson Williams (Jordan) and Kwesi Boakye were replaced by the real life brothers Dante and Dusan Brown. Collectively the entertainers are known as "The Brown Boys". Before "Community" they had made appearances on a variety of television shows including "Good Morning America" and "The Oprah Winfrey Show". They have released both a CD and a DVD available on their official website.

The Brown Boys CD
The Brown Boys CD.