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Energon pod

  Energon pod  
First appearance: "The Psychology of Letting Go"Owned by: Neo Buddhists — Used by: Pierce and and his mom
Purpose: To contain the spirit until it can be revived— Made by: Reformed Neo Buddhists   PHOTO ICON

When a level fives body stops functioning, it's vaporized in The "Temple of Renewal" then stored inside an Energon Pod.
— Pierce, "The Psychology of Letting Go".

Energon pod2
Pierce's mom's Energon pod.
The Energon pod is a special container used by the Reformed Neo Buddhism movement. It is used to house the "Life Vapors" of the recently departed and only available to level five and above members of the religion. The pod is very expensive due to the rarity of the Energon substance which is said to be harvested by super bees in a Buddhist meteor crater. When the technology catches up, the spirit will be released and converted from the vapors into a solid form. Not only will users be restored to life but they will a stronger and more powerful body. If that person is level sixteen or above they will be able it see the color "Blurple". The pods resemblance to a Lava Lamp is said to be coincidental. It's first appearance was in the Season Two episode "The Psychology of Letting Go".


Season Two[]

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Pierce's mother passed away. In keeping with their Reformed Neo Buddhist beliefs, Pierce had his mom taken to the "Temple of Renewal" to have her corporeal form vaporized. Her spirit was then stored inside an Energon pod to await the day when she could be restored to life with more advanced technology. Pierce brought the pod to his Anthropology class and showed it off to his study group. Jeff mocked the device noting its resemblance to a Lava lamp but Pierce brushed off his taunting resolute in his beliefs. The rest of the group were more sympathetic and treated the pod with respect. Annoyed at their reaction, Jeff hatched a scheme to prove the pod was a scam by taking Pierce to his moms biopsy in the county morgue. Ultimately, Jeff changed his mind after he heard a prerecorded message Pierce's mom had left for her son. Jeff realized Pierce's belief in the Energon pod, no matter how ridiculous, was a good thing as it helped him cope with his mom's death ("The Psychology of Letting Go").

2X3 Pierce and his Lava Lamp mother
Pierce and his "Mom".

Season Five[]

In the study group's fifth year at Greendale together, Pierce passed away. After attending his funeral, the study group returned to Group Study Room F with Pierce's Energon pod. Annie questioned the Budhists church's theology asking how Pierce's body could be buried while his "Life Vapor" was inside the Energon pod. Troy produced a brochure of the "religion " and assured Annie it all made sense although Shirley was still skeptical. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of a man named Mr.Stone. He explained he had been tasked with carrying out the instructions of Pierce Hawthorne's will. A special inquest into Pierce's death was to be done lead by Mr.Stone. At that point, Troy tinkered with the Energon pod and accidentally unscrewed the top. Troy panicked as the "Life Vapors" contained inside started to escape . He tried to inhale some of it before asking the rest of the group to get a balloon to capture the rest of the vapors. ("Cooperative Polygraphy").

504CP (2)
Troy carrying Pierce's Energon pod.



Transformers energon

The word Energon comes from the Transformers franchise. It is energy which is converted into a usable fuel/power source for the two warring robot factions in the story.