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Erik charles nielsen
Erik Charles Nielsen
Occupation: Actor/Comedian
Work on Community
Title: Recurring cast
Portrays : Garrett
Acting debut: "Social Psychology"
Active on Community: 2009-2015

I've done comedy beyond Thunderdome. Passed Thunderdome on the way to the show. Well, it was an unmarked building, but 2 men were entering.
Erik Charles Nielson on Twitter


Erik Charles Nielsen is an American actor and stand up comedian. He portrayed the role of Garrett Lambert in all six seasons of Community. In 2003 he attended Boston University and participated in a talent show held by Inside Edition and was named BU’s funniest comedian. He gave up on finishing his Ph.D in English and instead pursued a career in comedy. He honed his act at The Comedy Studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts and later appeared at the 2007 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado. In 2008, he starred in an online comedy series called "Erik the Librarian" alongside Mindy Kahling ("The Office", "The Mindy Project"). In 2009 he landed a minor role on Community which eventually became the recurring character Garrett. Aside from his stand up gigs, he lists his other jobs to be a "succesful copy editor" on his Twitter account and being employed by According to his Facebook page he is married to Veronica Rodrigues-Lima, a Textile and Apparel Graphic Designer. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Appearances on Community[]

Season One Season Two Season Three Season Four Season Five

Stand up comedy videos[]

Erik the Librarian[]

Before landing the role of Garret on "Community", Erik Charles Nielson worked his first acting role as the lead in an online four part comedy series series called "Erik the Librarian".

Episode One:"Is Life Worth Living?"[]

Erik thinks of a new idea for a mystery and finds himself flustered when dealing with a visitor named Mindy to the library Mindy Kaling guest stars.

Episode Two: "What is Death?"[]

In this episode, Erik struggles with questions of mortality while Mindy sneaks back into the library to retrieve her lost keys and has to deals with the head librarian. Matt Bresser guest stars.

Episode Three:The Secret of Burl Ives[]

In his continuing quest to win the heart of his one true love Mindy, Erik enlists the help to tap into the power of Music. Matt Braunger guest stars

Episode four:Is this a Dream, Lucifer?[]

Matt Besser accuses Matt Braunger of book theft, while Mindy again attempts to retrieve her lost keys out of the library's lost and found without Erik the librarian noticing her presence

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