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Evil Pierce
Evil Pierce
Alternate counterpart of Pierce Hawthorne
Portrayed by: Chevy Chase
First appearance: "Remedial Chaos Theory"
Last appearance: "Advanced Introduction to Finality"
Home town: The Darkest Timeline
Occupation: former CEO of Hawthorne Wipes
Evil origin: Lost his leg after being shot
Reason for visit: To destroy the "Prime Timeline" and teach the evil study group a lesson.


Listen, I can help you all beat the lame study group, just tell me how this works!
— Evil Pierce, "Advanced Introduction to Finality".

Evil Pierce2
Evil Pierce portrayed by Chevy Chase.
Evil Pierce is the alternate version of Pierce Hawthorne, the product of a divergent timeline in which the study group suffered great personal losses. Pierce himself was shot and believed to have died. Devastated by those tragedies, the Abed of that reality dubbed this The Darkest Timeline, and suggested they become as dark and twisted as the reality they had to endure. It's later revealed that Pierce had faked his own death in order to teach that study group a lesson. He didn't come out of the experience unscathed, however, as he was missing his right leg, which had been replaced with a wheel. After learning his study group's intention of attacking the "Prime Timeline" study group, he followed them to that reality to assist them. His first appearance was in the Season Four episode "Advanced Introduction to Finality". He is portrayed by Chevy Chase.

Character history[]

In the study group's third year at Greendale, Troy and Abed decided to move in to an apartment together. A housewarming party was thrown where a the roll of a Yahtzee die determined who would go downstairs to grab the pizza from the delivery guy. Six different scenarios unfolded that split off from the "Prime Timeline", one which ended up becoming The Darkest Timeline. In that alternate reality, a chain of events led to Pierce accidentally being shot in the leg by Annie's gun. This was the first of many misfortunes that happened to the group that night. Annie would eventually be committed to a mental institution having a breakdown over her part in Pierce's death. Shirley, whom Pierce bled all over, fell off the wagon and began drinking again.

S03E03-Pierce shot
Pierce is shot.
Pierce apparently died from his wounds and the rest of the study group attended his funeral. Afterwards, they convened for a meeting in Group Study Room F where a drunken Shirley poured a drink on the floor in Pierce's honor. Britta reprimanded her behavior and pointed out how dark everything had gotten. The Abed of that timeline suggested an outrageous plan; they would all commit to being "evil" by wearing felt goatees, cross over to the "Prime Timeline" and take over their counterparts lives. Jeff, having sunk into a bitter depression after having lost his arm in a fire that night, angrily refused Abed's suggestion and stormed. As the rest of the group left with him, Troy and Abed decided to go ahead with the plan ("Remedial Chaos Theory").

Evil Shirley pours a forty for her homie
Evil Shirley pours a forty for her homie.
The plot failed, however, when "Evil" Abed had a change of heart and reformed upon hearing a speech from the "Prime Timeline's" Jeff ("Introduction to Finality"). His counterpart in "The Darkest Timeline", called "Evil Jeff", then initiated his own plan to destroy the "Prime Timeline" and kicked his Abed out of the group. Unbeknownst to everyone in the Evil Study Group, their Pierce had actually survived the gunshot wound although he now was without a right leg. After a year of hiding, he learned about his friend's decision to invade the other reality. Feeling left out of yet another group activity, he decided to make his presence known again. He followed them to the alternate timeline and found them hunting their doppelgängers in the Greendale cafeteria.

Evil Pierce bug eyes
Evil Pierce returns.
Evil Annie and the rest of the group was shocked to see him. Evil Pierce told them that he faked his own death to teach them all a lesson. Evil Troy asked him what that lesson was, but Evil Pierce had long since forgotten his reasons. He then asked what their plan was and begged them to let him in on it. Evil Britta told him the first person to shoot "themselves" (referring to their "Prime Timeline" counterparts) were the winners. Evil Pierce misunderstood and immediately shot himself with his own paintball weapon. He was enveloped by the paintball pellet's energy and boasted that he was a "winner". As he was sent hurtling back to the Darkest Timeline, Evil Jeff looked on approvingly, eager to be rid of him, stating "Well that bow tied itself" ("Advanced Introduction to Finality").

Evil Pierce eliminates himself
Evil Pierce warps himself back
to the Darkest Timeline.


Listen I can help you guys beat the lame study group. Just explain to me how this thing works.
Fine! It's kind of complicated but basically the first person to shoot themselves wins.Evil Britta
[Evil Pierce shoots himself] Winner!!!Evil Pierce