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Portrayed by: J.P. Manoux
First appearance: "Contemporary Impressionists"
Last appearance: "Advanced Introduction to Finality"
Occupation: Former Moby impersonator for The Doppel Gang, Former Dean of Greendale Community College (as Craig Pelton)
Reason for visit: Impersonate Dean Pelton


It is hard out there for a fake Moby!
— Faux-by, "First Chang Dynasty".

Faux-by is a Moby impersonator employed by The Doppel Gang agency who happened to look a lot like Dean Pelton. Once Ben Chang saw Faux-by, he concocted an insane plan to take over Greendale using the celebrity impressionist's talents. Faux-by's first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Contemporary Impressionists". He is portrayed by actor J.P. Manoux.

Character history[]

Season Three[]

When Sgt. Chang's brother Rabbi Chang gets him a one-time gig providing security for the Howie Schwartz Bar Mitzvah party, he makes the most of his time there. Not only does he manage to find recruits for his new security force at Greendale but he also finds inspiration for an audacious plan to take over the school. The theme of the party is a Hollywood Stars extravaganza, and celebrity impersonators were hired from The Dopple Gang company owned by Vinnie. One of them, a Moby impersonator known as Faux-by, immediately gets the attention of Chang for his striking resemblance to Dean Pelton. Chang imagines a scenario to use this resemblance to his advantage back at Greendale ("Contemporary Impressionists").

Some time later, a riot breaks out in Greendale's cafeteria in the middle of a memorial service held in honor of the recently deceased Star-Burns. Chang's new security force, The Changlourious Basterds, are called in to quell the violent situation but only make matters worse when they start pepper spraying and beating the students in attendance. Chang is warned by his eavesdropping troops that the study group and Dean Pelton were planning on blaming him for how out of control the situation got. Chang then sets his plan in motion and confronts Pelton in his office. He shoots him with a tranquilizer dart and replaces him with Faux-by. Under Chang's orders, he puts all of the blame for the incident on the "Greendale Seven" and tells the board to expel the study group ("Course Listing Unavailable").

The Dean meets his dopple-Chang-er
The only person getting replaced around here is you!
Two months later, Faux-by is still following Chang's orders and impersonating the Dean. During this time, Faux-by appears as Pelton in a new commercial for the school that's laced with Chang propaganda. Chang refers to him as his "Dean-o-changer" and has him carry out his orders; through him, Chang gained complete control of Greendale. Although he is a loyal servant, Chang refuses any personal request he has such as leaving work early to see his wife. Instead, he gives Faux-by unenviable tasks such as firing the entire custodial staff, so that Chang has enough money for his birthday bash. The night of Chang's party, The Greendale Seven infiltrated the school to rescue the real Dean who they learned was trapped in the cafeteria basement.

S03E21-Faux-By plumbers acid
Craig, is that "ai" or "ia"? I always forget.
Disguised as plumbers, Troy and Abed had Faux-by sign for fake repairs they did to one of the school's restrooms. They then tricked him into believing he was contaminated by "plumber's acid". Troy and Abed have him strip to his underwear and move him to another restroom in full view of the security cameras. This was done to provide a distraction to fool Chang while they freed the real Dean from captivity. Faux-by later runs into Pelton while the study group is busy trying to stop Chang's plan to burn down the school. They get into a slap fight which is stopped by members of the Greendale school board Carl Bladt and Richie Countee. With Chang's deception revealed, he makes his escape, and Faux-by quickly follows suit. He chases after Chang, presumably to get paid ("First Chang Dynasty").

S03E21-The 2 Deans
It's hard out there for a fake Moby!

Season Four[]

Faux-by makes a return appearance in a day dream Jeff has in the study group's fourth year at a Greendale. In Jeff's imagination he is in "The Darkest Timeline" still the Dean of Greendale under Ben Chang's rule. Faux-by welcomes Abed when he arrives in that alternate reality after being transported there by Evil Jeff. Later, Faux-by accompanies Abed back to the "Prime Timeline". He was asked to come in order to convince the rest of Abed's study group that their evil counterparts had crossed over. After Faux-by greets the Study Group, Abed shoots him with a Darkest Timeline paintball gun. The group quickly believes Abed's story when the paintball transports him back to the "Darkest Timeline" ("Advanced Introduction to Finality").

S04E13-Abed shoots Faux-by
Abed brought me here to prove to all of you that ... (gets shot).


You look just like a friend of mine.Sgt. Chang
You know Moby?Faux-by
Hey, guys! Can't stay, gotta run, but these troublemakers have got to go!Faux-by impersonating Dean Pelton.