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Fish in a barrell

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  ♫Fish in a barrel  

◄  Album : Community CD  -  Performed by: Ludwig Göransson  ►
  Composed by: Ludwig Göransson  -  First heard: "Pascal's Triangle Revisited"

See? Fish in a barrel.
Abed, "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking"

Season finale vibe
Abed says goodbye to the study room.
"Fish in a barrel" is a musical cue which played during an emotional moment on "Community". The song was written by the show composer Ludwig Göransson who released it as a free download on his Soundcloud website. It features the same harmonizing backing vocals heard in another track Göransson composed for the show called "Greendale is Where I Belong". It was first heard in the Season One episode "Pascal's Triangle Revisited".



Community soundtrack Fish in a barrell

Appearance: The musical piece was used at the end of the study groups first semester at Greendale in a scene where Abed says farewell to Group Study Room F and the study table. He tried several times to say the perfect goodbye and each attempt turned off the lights to the room.


Possible song title origin[]

The title of the song could refer to a quote Abed Nadir said in the Season Two episode "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking". He and his film crew were asked by Pierce Hawthorne to assist him in his deception that he was on his death bed. He did this in order to get revenge against the study group for disrespecting him. Abed stated that he normally found Pierce as a subject too boring to bother with. However, after learning his plan to document this Abed agreed seeing an opportunity to work in a partular genre and film a subject matter where events would easily unfold. On camera Abed used the old expression "Fish in a barrel" to describe the endeavor.

See? Fish in a barrel
Abed agrees to document Pierce's prank.