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CODENAME: Fourth Wall
Fourth Wall
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NAME: Abed Nadir    RANK: Unknown

Abed left his fathers Falafel restaurant and a promising film career behind to join G.I.JOE™ in their never ending battle against the evil forces of COBRA™!

Shut up! Stop saying that word! And your outfit is three layers of rascist!Wingman


My name is Fourth Wall and I believe that what we perceive as life is merely a children's syndicated cartoon.
— Fourth Wall
Fourth Wall was Jeff Winger's reimagining of Abed Nadir. He existed in a G.I. JOE™ themed reality dreamt up by Jeff when he fell into a coma. Fourth Wall was a member of a squad led by Jeff's alter ego "Wingman" which came to be known as the "G.I. JOE™ Mutineers". He possessed uncanny insight and sensed the truth about behind the reality they inhabited. Fourth Wall's first appearance was in the Season Five episode "G.I. Jeff". He is voiced by actor Danny Pudi.

Character history[]

Fourth Wall was a G.I. JOE™ operative sent on a solo mission to infiltrate a new COBRA™ dig site which they codenamed "Greendale". The enemy forces discovered an ancient buried structure filled with strange artifacts. Due to what he saw in that place, Fourth Wall began to realize reality was not what it seemed. He managed to obtain one of those items and brought it back to G.I. JOE™ headquarters. However, it's assumed his superiors did not respond well to the evidence he presented or his theories about what it meant. Fourth Wall found himself being sent down to the brig, a place filled with G.I. JOE™ rejects and misfits. He spent time meditating in until the arrival of four new inmates who were incarcerated in the cell next to him.

After listening to their conversation, Fourth Wall introduced himself to Wingman and his squad consisting of Buzzkill, Three Kids and Tight Ship. He candidly stated that world was not as they perceived it and was probably a children's syndicated cartoon show. Wingman and Three Kids mocked him but he continued his explanation. When Fourth Wall mentioned the excavation site he investigated was codenamed "Greendale", Wingman seemed to recognize that name. Fourth Wall then presented the item he had procured, an action figure resembling the G.I. JOE™ Codenamed Duke. Wingman had a stressful reaction to both the toy and the word "Greendale" which caused him to collapse.

When Wingman awoke, Fourth Wall suggested he had some connection to the other reality. An angry Wingman told him he was a "demon man" who was wearing a very racist type of uniform. Sometime later, the G.I. JOE™ base came under attack by COBRA™ forces led by Cobra Commander. A stray missile blew a hole in the jail cell freeing Fourth Wall and the other prisoners. He joined Wingman and his squad in trying to defend the base. However, Wingman's attempt at laying down suppressive fire resulted in the deaths of several COBRA™ troops and the G.I. JOE™ medic codenamed Lifeline. This caused Duke and Flint to stop firing at the enemy and start shooting at Fourth Wall and Wingman's squad. They were all forced to flee the base with a "Submachopter" vehicle they commandeered.

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  • "Fourth Wall" appearance and abilities seem inspired by the G.I. JOE™ character Spirit as both are stereotypical Indians.
  • "Fourth Wall" comes from a theater term of the same name. It refers to the invisible barrier separating characters in a play from the audience. A Metafictional technique called "breaking the fourth wall" occurs when characters directly addresses that audience. Usually in those instances they will also have an awareness that they are just fictional in nature. The codename is a nod to the use of Abed's character on the show.

Spirit G.I.Joe
Another Indian stereotype.