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First appearance: "Ladders" — Owned by: Britta PerryUsed by: Various students including Leonard
Purpose: Recreation— Made by: Unknown   PHOTO ICON


— Garrett, "Ladders".

Frisbees are plastic toy discs which are tossed into the air and whose design allows them to glide for a time with the length determined by how hard the object is thrown. They are generally used for outdoor recreational games of throwing and catching but are sometimes used as a competitive sport. Throughout the years a number of frisbees began to accumulate on the roof of the Greendale Community College's Cafeteria roof which ultimately resulted in a great catastrophe. Their first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Ladders".


Season Six[]

In 1974 at the start of Greendale Community College, Leonard Briggs (long before he was to change his name to Rodriguez) was a new student at school. He was playing frisbee with a fellow student when the disc flew too high and landed on top of the cafeteria building. As time passed even more frisbees wound up on the rooftop unchecked by anyone at school. Over forty years later in 2015 the weight of all those frisbees became too much for the cafeteria roof to bear. The roof collapsed when yet another frisbee was thrown on the huge piles already there. Frisbees rained down on everyone including Garrett Donovan who was in the food line.

S06E01-Young Leonard
Young Leonard with his frisbee.
As he screamed in horror he got caught up in the torrential downpour that quickly flooded the entire room. The plastic current carried Garrett through the exits and into the hallways where Leonard was. Amongst the many frisbees that spilled outside happened to be the very same one Leonard lost years ago. He picked it up and recalled how he lost it decades earlier as it crumbled to dust in his hands. Leonard was saddened that he was reunited with the frisbee only to lose it once more. Dean Pelton was obligated to hire a professional consultant named Frankie Dart to insure such an incident never occurred again. She had the frisbees cleared out and had the roof repaired increasing its stability by adding new support columns ("Ladders").

6x1 Garrett frisbee wave rider
Garrett rides the frisbee wave.
The frisbees weren't entirely disposed of as a few ended up in a movie directed by Abed Nadir. A number of them had been deposited in a school storage room and were used as props. They were featured in a scene paying homage to an iconic moment in "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope". After a rough cut of Abed's film was completed Jeff disagreed with Abed's decision to cut out a scene he was in. He stole the movie and fled to the room where the frisbees were. Abed tracked him down only to be assaulted by Jeff until he came to his senses. Jeff then agreed to have his scene cut after he had a candid talk with Abed on top of the frisbees about some issues he was dealing with ("Intro to Recycled Cinema").

S06E08-Abed Bazinga
Bazinga in the frisbees.


Email Diane Community Promotion[]

As part of its promotion of Community's sixth season Yahoo released several videos online with included clues about sending an email to someone named "Diane". Fans that e-mailed Diane their address later received a promotional tie in to Season Six. It was a customized frisbee similar to the ones featured in the premiere episode "Ladders".

Community frisbee
Promotional frisbee.