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An Asian Annie. Obama's America.
Annie is in political science class listening to a lecture by the teacher Professor Cligoris. He poses a question that Annie responds to, mistakenly believing that he had called on her. However, it turns out he was actually referring to another student named Annie Kim. When Kim provides the right answer and receives praise from Cligoris, Annie finds herself somewhat unnerved. In the hallways, Britta is walking with Shirley to the study room when she finds out a friend of hers from her political activist days has just been arrested. Elsewhere, Chang is looking forward to his new job as security guard but is disheartened when he quickly discovers that he has very little actual authority. Meanwhile, Annie brings Annie Kim to the study room and introduces her to the rest of the study group.

GOGC Frenemies
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
After Kim leaves, the group points out the obvious animosity between them and Shirley warns Annie not to let a rivalry get the best of her. Jeff leaps to her defense reassuring Annie that she is superior to Kim. Britta then interjects with a non-sequitur activist tirade. Shirley explains to the group Britta is bothered that an old friend is still protesting injustice in the world while she has decided to start a new life in academia. An upset Britta leaves and runs into Chang outside the library. After warning her not to bump into the trashcans, she decides to kick one. He issues her a written warning which she eats in front of him. After warning her again, she walks away defiantly. Both are shown to be happy about the adversarial relationship they just created. Annie notices an announcement on a bulletin board of the formation of a Model UN at Greendale, started by Annie Kim.

GOGC the ultimate act of defiance edited-1
The ultimate act of defiance.
She shows the flyer to the study group, upset that Kim has stolen an idea she had earlier. Jeff and Annie decide to confront Kim together and head over to the political science class. When they see her, Annie Kim doesn't deny their accusations but argues she should still receive the credit since she made the U.N. a reality. Just as things get heated between Kim and Annie, Professor Cligoris steps in and offers a solution. He will conduct a Model UN showdown with two teams lead by Kim and Edison battling it out for the right to represent the school to which they both agree. The next day at the Model UN competition, Annie goes over instructions with her Model UN team comprised of the study group sans Britta.

GOGC Cligoris the peacemaker
Professor Cligoris makes a suggestion.
She had been outside protesting and was taken into custody by Chang. He brought her before Sgt. Nunez where he forced her to admit she's not going to commit any actual crime. At the UN competition, Garrett reads off various crisis alerts that both teams have to resolve. Edison's team gets the lead, but the team loses focus when they are distracted by someone's flatulence. Annie turns to Jeff to get them back on track, but instead he makes a joke. After they all start laughing, Annie throws a childish tantrum. Jeff chastises her, and she runs off stage humiliated. Jeff finds Annie hiding in the library. Ashamed by her actions, she berates herself for acting like a child. Jeff takes the blame saying that it was him treating her like a kid in the first place that lead to this.

GOGC The UN Showdown begins
The Model UN showdown begins...
He admits it's a crutch he uses to avoid his feelings for her. While it lets her know how important she is to him, it's also stopping her from growing. Although they've become comfortable in these roles, it's creepy considering the feelings they have for one another. Elsewhere, Chang receives a message from Britta that she is going to disrupt the Model UN competition. Sgt. Nunez hands Chang a taser and dispatches him to deal with it. Back at the UN competition, Annie Kim's Red Model UN team has taken the lead. Jeff and Annie return as she makes her apologies to the group for her behavior. Abed then reveals an unorthodox plan to win the competition. The Blue Model UN interrupts the Red team's deliberations and makes them an offer.

GOGC We can't keep doing this
We can't keep doing this.
Professor Cligoris overrules Kim's objections to the disruption, allowing Edison's last ditch effort. Their ultimatum is that both UN teams concede the match and form a union, a "united United Nations". Kim rejects the offer, preferring the real victory over an idea. Cligoris explains that's what the UN is at its heart, rhetoric and ideas, and that Edison's Blue UN has perfectly simulated it by their actions. After he awards the contest to Edison, Britta makes a sudden appearance wearing a ridiculous outfit and making a big spectacle of herself. Chang shows up and tazes her, happy to finally be able to exert his authority. Britta is happy as well since she was able to relive her old activist days. Despite the pain, she manages to spit in Chang's face as he carries her away.

GOGC spitting in the face of authority
Spitting in the face of authority.

End tag []

Troy and Abed are playing a live action version of the board game "Operation" on a sleeping Pierce. Community_S3_E2_-_Troy_and_Abed_Play_Operation_With_Pierce-0

Recurring themes[]


Continuity lists
Recurring or debuting plot points in this episode:
  • History lesson: Troy expands on Annie's past Adderall addiction in high school. Apparently, while on an Adderall high, she tried to straighten the lines on the school's football field while a game was in progress.
  • Googly eyes: Jeff and Annie have a frank discussion about their relationship and the need for them to evolve past roles they've become comfortable in even if it means losing what they have now.
  • A nice gesture: Jeff explains that treating Annie as a kid was a crutch he used to avoid his feelings for her.
Recurring or debuting characters in this episode:
  • First appearance: Annie Kim, Annie Edison's Asian rival, debuts in this episode. Her next appearance is in the Season Four Episode "History 101."
  • Returning students:
    • Garrett returns as the moderator for the competition.
    • Vicki is on Red Model UN team.
  • Familiar faces: Sgt. Nunez returns in this episode.
Recurring or debuting places in this episode:
Recurring or debuting items in this episode:
  • School supplies:

Running gags[]

List of Running gags
Recurring or debuting running gags in this episode:
  • Butt stuff: Troy rips through a paper banner depicting the Greendale logo, which is meant to be an anus.
  • Double entendre: Professor Cligoris' name; no explanation required.
  • Gasp: Annie gasps after Annie Kim asks her if Jeff is her father or her lover.
  • Gay, he's so gay!: Pierce intentionally mispronounces Jeff's country that he represents in the Model UN competition (Uruguay) as "You're a gay".
  • It's a vase: Annie again unintentionally does another suggestive motion, this time with a straw.
  • Nice outfit: Britta's final protest of the UN has her wearing a black leotard with dolls hanging off of it.
  • NOOOOO!: Annie yells this and throws a tantrum after Jeff and the others become distracted by a fart during the Model U.N. showdown.
  • Sexy voice: Shirley says this as Chang carries Britta away, though she realise it's not.
  • Turning it into a snake: Britta dances around and chants as if doing a ritual during her final protest.

Pop culture references[]

List of Pop culture references
References to popular culture in this episode:
  • Current events: Sgt Nunez' old protestor rival got choked out at a WTO protest by real cops. This was probably the infamous 1999 Seattle WTO protests.
  • IMDb:
    • The study group references Spartacus by everyone taking the fall and saying they farted.
    • When bursting through to the second Model U.N., Troy breaks through by pushing his finger through the Greendale Anus Flag in reference to "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls", in which Jim Carey similarly escapes being trapped inside a robotic rhino through its butt.
  • Name that tune: "Hello" by Lionel Richie is played several times during Chang and Britta's interactions.
  • Product placement: The classic board game "Operation" is mentioned in the end tag.
  • Shout out: Prof. Cligoris mentions Clark Eichelberger, U.N. advocate.
  • Use your allusion: The red and blue alternate universes could be a reference to the ones in "Fringe."

Meta references[]

List of Meta references
Meta references in this episode:


  • When Annie goes to tell the group about the UN flyer, Shirley attempts to throw food in Abed's mouth, but instead Troy deflects it.
  • Also on the bulletin board with the UN flyer is a flag football tournament flyer. Eight Greendale clubs are mentioned including Chess vs Glee, Karate Kid vs Disco, Hat vs Culture (ha ha) and Drama vs Improv.
  • Frequent background extras Jeremy and Long haired guy are featured prominently. Jeremy sits behind Professor Cligoris during the Model UN showdown. Long haired guy is on Annie Kim's Model UN team (Ghana) along with short haired lady (Mexico), bespectacled Asian guy (Japan), moustached African-American guy (Germany) and Vicki (Turkey).


Maybe I don't want a new path or any path. Maybe my path is a warpath that leads to the Terror Dome, N-words...okay, maybe I went too far. Maybe I don't want to offend my African American friends, but the larger point is maybe I'm not done RAGING AGAINST THE MACHINE!Britta
Ohhh! Damn, Pierce!Shirley
Ooh. That wasn't me!Pierce
I don't smell anything...Oh wait, I just got it.Abed
Guys, come on. Focus, like adults. We're gonna lose a point if we don't get through this!Annie
Get through it? It's almost a solid!Troy
Guys! This is important to Annie! So whoever actually died a few months ago fess up so we can put a stake through your heart!Jeff
Annie, I think the real lesson here is that a Model U.N., much like the real U.N., quickly fall apart when faced with actual adversity...Jeff
NOOOOOO! I think the lesson here is that I need to win this! I want to win! And you! YOU SUCK! You're a stupid, ugly, poop face, and I'm better than you!Annie
Annie, stop! You're acting like a little school girl and not in a hot way!Jeff
If embarrassment were bountiful zinc deposits, I'd be Zambia.Annie
There's nothing to be Zambia about, Annie.Jeff
A logical, effective, common sense move, Annie Kim...One which flies in the very face of the United Nations itself: a fundamentally symbolic organization founded on the principles of high-minded rhetoric and empty gestures.Professor Cligoris
I told you to stop playing "Operation" on me. I'm not your damn board game. At lease you didn't get my spare ribs.Pierce

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