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George Perry
George Perry
Portrayed by: Martin Mull
First appearance: "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care"
Last appearance: "Advanced Safety Features"
Date of birth: unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Reason for visit: To Covertly support his Daughter financially


Woodstock was amazing - but you have to realize, Britta, that your Woodstock, which was us being bad parents, that has more to do with you.
— George Perry, "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care".

George Perry is the father of Greendale alumnus Britta Perry. During his years as a parent to Britta he proved to be very strict and prohibitive. However, due to substance abuse he went through at an early age he can't recall any of this. His first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care". He is portrayed by actor/comedian Martin Mull.

Character history[]

In his daughter's sixth year at Greendale, George Perry reached out to some of Britta's friends through social media to keep updated on her life. Although Britta refused to talk to George or her mother Deb, he and his wife managed to contact Annie and Abed through Facebook. George and Deb decided to intervene after learning their child was now destitute and homeless. They covertly helped Britta through her friends as they had several times in the past. A plan was conceived where Annie and Abed would invite Britta to move in to their apartment. George and Deb would help pay for Britta's share of the rent. They also provided any other necessities she required. This included a brand new red sofa pull out they gifted to Annie and Abed for Britta's use.

Meet the Perrys.
However, Britta discovered that Deb and George had been financing her in secret for years by paying off debts she owed to her friends. Britta went to Deb and George's home to confront them. She accused them of acting dishonestly but George pointed out that even a small act like sending her a birthday card would cause her to run away. Financing her in secret was the closest they could get to her. Britta couldn't believe the change in them from her memories as a child. They had gone from strict to loving parents. Deb and George pointed out that they couldn't remember much of their parenting years but could remember Woodstock and them being bad parents was Britta's Woodstock.

S06E02-Deb and George watch Britta take bike
Deb and George watch Britta take Greg's bike.
Britta then discovered that Annie and Abed were at her parent's house and she stormed out. Deb asked George for money to give to Britta as her car wasn't working. Britta yelled at them to stop infantilizing her and stole a kid's green machine bike and rode off. Later, after talking to Frankie, Britta returned to her parent's home. She admitted that she has a hard time facing the truth and that she was forgiving them but that her best years were behind her and they now had to share into her "slide into oblivion". George was happy with this and made a toast and then he and Deb hugged Britta, glad to have their daughter back. ("Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care").

S06E02-Deb and George hug Britta
The third act resolution.
Later in the year, Britta brought her boyfriend Rick to meet Deb and George at their home. They were thrilled she had a boyfriend but didn't know that Rick and Britta were guerrilla marketers for Honda. Rick commented on their home carpet and that it reminded him of the quality floor mat carpet in his Honda CRV. Deb responded that she'd never heard such a level of car floor mat enthusiasm before and wondered if they needed to care more about their floor mats. George felt they didn't need to jump to conclusions and asked Rick to finish his story. Britta interrupted and dismissed the conversation as materialist. Deb then mentioned they had a movie they could watch and George corrected her on the title. Britta expressed her disgust for the movie and Rick tried to cover up her rudeness by laughing.

S06E07-Deb and George glad
You could bowl me over with a feather.
Later, Britta returned to Deb and George's house having broken up with Rick. She tried to teach them the board game "The Ears Have It" where players wear a set of ears and have to ask questions in order to guess what type of ears they are wearing. Deb simply asks what type of ears she is wearing and George tells her. Britta says they can't do this and then George asks what happened to Rick. Britta is flustered and tells them to play the game. George then asks Deb what friend of theirs collects the animal of the ears he is wearing. He is able to guess right from Deb's response and she is able to guess hers from the same type of question. Britta runs out, frustrated that they've made the game so easy. Deb wonders if they did something wrong (meaning the game) and George responds they did do something wrong (meaning their raising of Britta) ("Advanced Safety Features").

S06E07-Deb and George Ears Have It
I think we did something wrong.


Martin Mull (George Perry) and Lesley Anne Warren (Deb Perry) both appeared in the 1985 movie "Clue" based on the classic Parker Brothers board game of the same name. Mull played the character "Colonel Mustard" and Warren played the "Miss Scarlett". The actor's roles in the movie are obliquely referenced on Community by their characters having board game nights. On the show they were featured playing another classic board game "Trouble".

Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard
Lesley Anne Warren and Martin Mull as
Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard.

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