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Giant hand

  Giant hand  
First appearance: "Basic RV Repair and Palmistry"Owned by: Greendale Community CollegeUsed by: Greendale
Purpose: To hold and let go— Made by: Unknown   PHOTO ICON

This giant hand was sent down to us to increase our mastery to hold on...and let go.
— Abed, "Basic RV Repair and Palmistry".

Committee with the Giant hand
Giant hand's final resting place.
The Giant hand is a 19 foot long fiberglass structure modelled after the human appendage. The item was was purchased by Dean Pelton and at the time was the latest in a long line of unneeded purchases he made using school funds. Initially the Save Greendale Committee wanted to sell the hand to recoup the financial loss. Eventually they came to respect what the hand represented and it later became a prominent fixture on the campus grounds. Its first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Basic RV Repair and Palmistry".


In the 2015 semester at Greendale, Dean Pelton and the Save Greendale Committee were aboard Elroy's RV helping him to transport a Giant hand sculpture. The committee was angry Pelton used Greendale's money on it and convinced him to sell it to a buyer on eBay. Together they agreed to transport the sculpture to its new owner. On the trip the additional weight took its toll on the RV causing it to run out of fuel and strand the group on a mountain pass. Roadside assistance was unavailable due to all emergency vehicles in the area participating in an "Armed Forces" day parade. The group later settled in for the night but Dean stormed out of the RV feeling bullied by the committee into selling the hand.

The giant hand enjoys the view
The giant hand enjoys the view.
Abed followed and tried to comfort Pelton who was on the roof of the vehicle where the giant hand was strapped. The sculpture wasn't completely secured and fell to the ground along with Abed and Pelton. The rest of the committee ran outside and during the commotion Pelton snuck back into the RV and locked the door. After some prompting by Frankie and Jeff, Abed had an epiphany about the giant hand. He explained its purpose was to teach everyone how to hold on and to let go. Pelton was moved by Abed's speech and opened the door to the RV where he apologized for his actions to the committee. When they eventually returned to school they put the hand on the school's campus grounds along with a plaque reading "Keep a loose grip".

Trying to move the Giant hand
The committee tries to move the giant hand.
Meanwhile Blake, the man who purchased the hand, was still awaiting its arrival. He wanted the hand sculpture as a companion piece for a giant wristwatch. After leaving a voicemail at Greendale he and his wife Karen get into an argument about it. She pointed out his obsession with over-sized novelty props started after they lost their son in a tragic accident. It involved a humongous kite Blake gave the young boy which floated off and carried him away. Blake hoped that his son is alive and waiting for a father with "a bigger hand". His wife declared she was going to take a shower and then file for a divorce. Blake replied he would put the giant wristwatch in the garage ("Basic RV Repair and Palmistry").

The giant watch
The giant watch is waiting.