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Abed and Mr.Rad

◄  Album : none  -  Performed by: Mr.Rad and Abed  ►
  Composed by: Ludwig Göransson  -  First heard: Regional Holiday Music

Glee is the gift that we need!!!
Cory Radison

In "Paradigms of Human Memory," it was revealed that the study group filled in for Glee Club when the previous members died in a tragic bus accident. When the latest club becomes incapacitated in "Regional Holiday Music," the study group refuses Mr. Radison's request to replace them once more. Abed decides to talk to him privately, and they both try to cheer each other up over their recent holiday blues. Mr. Radison says there is only one cure, and that's Glee. He then breaks out into song.

The songEdit

Community S03E10 Abed's

Community S03E10 Abed's

Mr. Rad:
It's a feeling you get
when your brain finally lets
your heart get in its pants

It's like a drug that you use
That turns your pain into shoes
And your shoes into dance!

How's your piano still playing this song?
Mr. Rad:
Glee is the answer when questions are wrong
You'll understand if you just sing along
'Cuz glee is the gift that you neeeeee-heeeed

It's what I'll spread to my friends
Like a virus that sends
Them to a healthier place

I'll understand every scene
'Cuz they'll sing what they mean
Instead of making a face

Mr. Rad:
Families are closer when families are winning
Everything's cooler when cameras are spinning
Singing and dancing in unison—ning ning ning
Glee is the gift that we neeeeed



The song can be seen as a direct parody of the Fox TV series Glee with lyrics that question the nature of the show. This is clear with lines such as how they are able to sing without any musical accompaniment as no one is playing the piano. Abed's inability to understand emotions is referenced when he sings about how he'll now know what people are feeling from what they are singing instead of trying to figure out what their expressions mean.

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