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First appearance: Modern WarfareMeeting area: Music room — Purpose: to spread Glee through song
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Merry Christmas Greendale! Glee Club here, just reminding you that the Christmas pageant is around the corner! Next stop, Regionals!
— Glee Club Person, "Regional Holiday Music".

The Glee Club is a musical elective at Greendale Community College. Students who took this class would perform stylized renditions of classic songs and current hits publicly on campus. The enthusiastic performances often annoyed everyone around them. A few tragic incidents led to The Study Group replacing the club members and performing in their stead on two separate occasions. The course was taught by Cory "Mr. Rad" Radison whose abrupt departure added to the clubs infamy. The "Glee Club's" first appearance was in the Season One episode "Modern Warfare".

Group history[]

Season One[]

In the study group's first year together at Greendale they participated in the annual Paintball Assassin game. They weren't the only campus clique teaming up for the event a few of the school clubs had like the chess club and drama club had banded together as well. One of the more successful groups was the Glee Club. They would lure other competitors into a traps by singing cheery renditions of popular songs. The study group ran into them on the quad and the Glee Club made their presence known by eliminating Troy. From their hiding place they sang a rendition of the Pat Benatar classic "Hit Me with Your Best Shot".

Annie broke cover to criticize their song choice and got shot by the Glee Club. After being egged on by Jeff, Pierce emerged from his hiding place and got eliminated too. Thanks to his sacrifice, Jeff was able to pinpoint the Glee Club's exact sniping position which was in a tree. Jeff had the remaining study group direct a volley of paintball fire at the branches. After a minute, the Glee Club members fell out of the tree one by one. For good measure, Abed shot one of them several times since he was taking too long to exit the tree. Jeff taunted the Glee Club by telling them to write some original music ("Modern Warfare").

Season Two[]

Near the end of their second year, the study group reminisced about the good times they had on campus. Jeff and Britta brought up how they replaced the Glee club before the Christmas holidays as an example. They remembered that they were in the music room with Ian Duncan who played piano as Troy and Annie rehearsed a song. Everyone else was watching and clapping along but much to their dismay Shirley interrupted their duet to do a solo number. Jeff and Britta thought this was a happy memory but Annie reminded them they were replacing the Glee Club because they all died in a tragic bus crash ("Paradigms of Human Memory").

POHM The study group fils in for the dead Glee club
Sing a ling a ling...

Season Three[]

In the study group's third year together at Greendale, the Glee Club was preparing for the upcoming Christmas Pageant. Meanwhile, Jeff contacted ASCAP to narc on them. In the middle of a performance in the cafeteria, Chang interrupted them with a cease and desist order from ASCAP. This prevented the club from singing licensed songs they did not pay for. The study group were at first happy to see this happen until they saw that the Glee Club did not take the news well. They became mentally unhinged and a few began to physically hurt themselves. Felling somewhat responsible, the study group snuck out of the cafeteria as the club continued to caterwaul.

3x10 Promotional photo 10
Cease and desist!
Later, Dean Pelton told the study group that the Glee Club had been institutionalized and introduced the Glee Club director Cory "Mr. Rad" Radison. He asked them if they would fill in for the club as they had done the year before. The study group immediately refused and Jeff later warned them all to be wary of Radison trying to convince them otherwise. Abed disregarded Jeff's advice and went to go see Cory anyway. After he and Radison sang the song "Glee", Abed agreed to do the pageant and decided to help recruit the rest of his friends. His first target was Troy whom he persuaded by getting him to do a rap duet of the song "Christmas Infiltration". With one down, Troy and Abed then went after Pierce.

S03E10-Troy and Abed Christmas rap
The blanket bedroom rap.
They ambushed him in the study room and sang "Baby Boomer Santa". Pierce was swayed by the lyrics which pandered to his demographic and joined in their performance. Having lost three members, Annie went to confront Radison in the music room. Unfortunately, she was cornered by Cory, Abed and Troy who successfully managed to brainwash her into signing up as well. Annie was instrumental in getting Jeff on board after singing him the song "Teach Me How To Understand Christmas". Over in the student lounge, Pierce convinced Shirley to participate after hiring a children's choir to sing her "Happy Birthday Jesus!". The last study group member to join was Britta who fell under the Glee Club "spell" also after encountering a converted Jeff in the hallway.

RHM-Teach me how to understand Christmas
The night of the Christmas pageant, Mr. Rad gathered the study group backstage and thanked them for their efforts. When the others went to perform the opening number, Rad revealed to Abed his intention to have the group compete in a never ending series of competitions. Sensing Rad's mania, Abed realized he had been duped into manipulating his friends. He sabotaged the pageant by having Britta take over his singing role. Her horrible singing prompted Mr. Rad to jump on stage and loudly berated her for ruining the show. When the audience and the study group sided with Britta, an infuriated Rad snapped and in a fit of anger admitted to have caused the bus accident that killed Glee Club last year. Realizing he had just confessed to murder, Mr. Rad quickly ran off stage bringing an abrupt end to the pageant ("Regional Holiday Music").

3x10 Promotional photo 36
Mr. Rad snaps at Britta's awkward Christmas song.

Glee Club members[]


Community creator Dan Harmon has expressed his dislike of the Fox TV show "Glee" in various interviews including this response on Reddit regarding his killing off the Glee Club off screen in the Season Two episode "Paradigms of Human Memory":

I have no idea what you mean. There was a glee club at Greendale, and their bus was driving on a rainy night, and a downed power line was hanging across the road, and the bus drove through it, and it sliced through the bus and decapitated everyone, row by row, so that the people in the back had to watch all their friends get decapitated, then they got decapitated, and then the bus drove into a pool of lava. And I guess the crazy thing is, the electricity from the power line somehow kept their nervous systems "alive," so they could feel the lava. They didn't escape the pain of the lava just because they didn't have heads. They felt the lava. It was terrible but it was not metaphorical in any way. I would never be that petty and envious of another show's popularity.