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Glencallan scotch

  Glencallan scotch  
First appearance: "Spanish 101" — Owned by: Jeff WingerUsed by: Jeff
Purpose: Alcohol— Made by: GlenCallan   PHOTO ICON

To you I leave this bottle of fine scotch so you're less tempted to drink this cylinder of equally fine sperm.
Mr. Stone, "Cooperative Polygraphy".

Jeff recieves the bottle of scotch
Jeff receives the bottle of scotch.
Glencallan Scotch is a popular brand of scotch whisky. It was also a parting gift Pierce Hawthorne left in his will to friend and fellow study group member Jeff Winger. It was a single Barrel, aged 40 Years and was possibly given as a reminder of a Spanish assignment Jeff and Pierce worked on in their first year together at school. Once Pierce died Jeff received it after participating in a polygraph test. Its first appearance was in the Season One episode "Spanish 101".


Season One[]

In the study group's first year at Greendale, they were each teamed up with other classmates for a simple Spanish assignment. Pierce made sure he was paired off with Jeff to use it as an opportunity for them to become closer. They met up later in Group Study Room F to go over their presentation. Jeff was eager to practice the simple Spanish phrases and leave but Pierce had other plans. He brought some Glencallan Scotch whiskey and insisted they have a glass. As they struggled for hours on the assignment the bottle was slowly emptied. Jeff finally quit when Troy and Abed interrupted their work and demonstrated with ease their simple Spanish presentation. Jeff was furious Pierce had wasted his time and stormed out of the study room.

Hemingway's lemonade
Hemingway's lemonade.
Jeff went outside to the quad to meet up with Britta who was participating in a candlelight vigil protest. Not long after he joined her, an inebriated Pierce showed up holding onto the bottle of Glencallan. Pierce made a huge scene as the rest of the protesters looked on. He was hurt that Jeff rejected his friendship just so he could chase after Britta by pretending to care about a cause she supported. He then tried to take a swing at Jeff but when he reared back his elbow it touched a nearby protester's candle. The right arm of his jacket was on set on fire and Pierce ran around with the bottle of scotch in his hand. The flames were finally extinguished after he jumped into a nearby fountain ("Spanish 101").

S101 Fire
Pierce sets himself on fire.

Season Five[]

Sometime after the study group graduated form Greendale, everyone but Pierce returned for another year at school. He had been banned from the campus due to a sexual harassment lawsuit and passed away not long after his friends re-enrolled. A man named Mr. Stone executed instructions in Pierce's will to subject his former study group to a polygraph test in order for them to receive their bequeathals. Once it was over, Pierce got in one last dig through Mr.Stone who questioned Jeff's sexuality. Jeff was then given an expensive bottle of fine forty year old Glencallan Scotch as a bequeathal. He also received a Liquid nitrogen cooled cylinder of Pierce's sperm and teased about drinking that instead of his scotch ("Cooperative Polygraphy").

Jeff's other bequeathal
Jeff's other bequeathal.
During his fifth year at school, Jeff turned forty but tried to keep it a secret from the study group. For years he had lied to them about his age claiming to be five years younger. He became depressed by how old he was now and that he was not where he had pictured he'd be at forty. Jeff purchased some Korean youth pills and chased it down with the bottle of Glencallan scotch Pierce bequeathed him. Due to the combination of pills and alcohol he fell into a coma and was rushed to the hospital. While unconscious he forgot what happened and experienced a G.I . Joe themed fantasy. He eventually remembered the scotch and pills which caused his condition and woke up to find himself in a hospital bed surrounded by his friends. ("G.I. Jeff").

Animated scotch
Korean youth pills chased down by Glencallan scotch.


GlenCallan Scotch[]

The GlenCallan brand is a fictional brand of scotch created by Independent Studio Services. They are the same prop company responsible for the Let's Potato Chips. GlenCallan is probably a parody of Macallan label of scotch which itself has been referenced a few times on Community as a drink that Jeff enjoys.

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