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Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School

Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School    Greendalelogo
Purpose : AC school and secret society — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Biology 101"

Visitors: Robert Laybourne, Murray, Troy Barnes


No more palm fronds, Troy. Now we are the pharaohs.
Robert Laybourne, "Advanced Gay".

GCC Air Conditioning Annex logo
GCC Air Conditioning Annex logo.
Serving as an annex to Greendale Community College, the Air Conditioning Repair School is far more than just a two-year trade school. It is the latest chapter in the history of an A/C repair fraternity that dates back to the time of the pharaohs; this society started off as lowly servants but eventually gained enough influence to become a secret power in the world. Written in the sacred texts of "The Air Conditioning Repair Manual" that was passed down from the society's original founders, its followers await the coming of a messiah known as "The Truest Repairman". Its first mention was in the Season One episode "Advanced Criminal Law". It made its official debut in the Season Three episode "Biology 101". The Air Conditioning School was founded in 1979. Its latin motto "Locus Est In Perfecta Temperantia" translates literally to "The Place Is In Perfect Temperature."

Tour of the A/C Repair School[]

The campus[]

The A/C school is the most successful part of Greendale. The job placement rate for its students is five times higher than the main schools, and its alumni's donations comprise 80% of Greendale's overall budget. As a result, no expense is spared for both students and faculty; they even have an espresso machine. Besides the vice dean's impressive office, the school also has special areas such as The Room Temperature Room and a hall for storing relics from A/C history. Inside that room, The Sun Chamber and the "The Air Conditioning Repair Manual" are featured prominently. At the school, both the students and teachers wear overalls. The faculty wear grey ones while students wear olive drab ones.


Students are handpicked from the most promising candidates at the main school. Anyone showing an aptitude for fixing things is kidnapped and brought before Laybourne and the faculty at the A/C school. Once there, they take part in an initiation to gauge whether or not they have the true skills to join the school. In order to ensure the recruits do not tell anyone about what they have witnessed, they include ridiculous things like the appearance of a Black Hitler to discredit any account they might give to others later. If they pass, they are given the choice to enroll at the school. It is made clear to them, however, that once they are in, they are in for life.
AC Repair School Try out

A test to see who has the skills to join the A/C elite.

The prophecy[]

It was foretold in the "Air Conditioning Repair Manual", the guiding scriptures of the A/C school, that a messianic figure would arrive; this being would be capable of not only fixing air conditioners but also the men who fix air conditioners. Robert Laybourne at one time believed himself to be the chosen one but later realized it was Troy Barnes. Unfortunately, Laybourne died not long after finally getting Troy enrolled at the school and informing him of his destiny. Although his death was ruled an accident, Troy had a hunch Murray was responsible and challenged him to a public duel inside The Sun Chamber in order to learn the truth. During the competition, Murray inadvertently confesses to Laybourne's murder. Embracing the title of "The Truest Repairman", Troy instructs them to take Murray to the proper authorities. He also tells them all to stop acting weird and become a normal school.
ITF The Truest Repairman

Laybourne's reason for wanting Troy at the school is finally revealed: Troy's destiny is to become "The Truest Repairman".

The faces of the A/C Repair School[]