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Greendale ID card

  Greendale ID card  
First appearance: Season One DVDOwned by: GCC students — Used by: GCC students
Purpose: Form of identification— Made by: Greendale Community College   PHOTO ICON

Any student can check out a key as long as they are currently taking a class and can show school ID.
Fat Neil, "Basic Lupine Urology".

Garrity ID card
ID card.
Greendale ID card's are the school's official form of identification for its students, faculty and staff. IDs must be presented for use of certain privileges such as discounts for school materials or access to special areas on campus like the Teachers' lounge. The ID cards were first seen as exclusive promotional materials for the Community The Complete First Season DVD.

Notable appearances/mentions[]

Season Two[]

Season Three[]

  • "Basic Lupine Urology": Neil, who is a student volunteer at the school's administration office, mentions to Troy and Abed that a student ID is necessary to check out the keys to the biology lab.


Comic Con exclusives[]

At the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, the cast and crew of the show attended to promote the release of Community's Season One DVD as well as Season Two. Copies of the student ID cards for the study group members and Ben Chang were handed out as convention exclusives.

Greendale ID
Official Annie Edison ID card.

Greendale Community College ID Card Creator[]

NBC ID Card generator

There once was an ID card generator on the official NBC site for Community. Fans were able to create a personal online ID card and add it to a gallery of cards that was hosted on the site. These cards did not resemble the ones actually seen on the show but had another design which the Community Wiki based it's first and second Character infobox template on. Once the show was cancelled by the network after its fifth season, that feature was shut down and the gallery was removed.
ID maker

Yahoo ID Card generator

After Yahoo picked up Community for it's sixth season, another ID card generator was created online. It is based on the ID card seen on the show and can be found at Yahoo's official Community tumblr.
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