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Greendale Is Where I Belong

CD Cover
  ♫Greendale Is Where I Belong  

◄  Album : Official soundtrack  -  Performed by: Ludwig Göransson  ►
  Composed by: Ludwig Göransson  -  First heard: "Pascal's Triangle Revisited"

I guess as we were driving away, I finally started to "Live in the moment" and I realized that, in the moment, Greendale is where I belong.
Annie, "Pascal's Triangle Revisited"

"Greendale Is Where I Belong" is a musical cue used during emotional moments in episodes of Community. The song was written by the show composer Ludwig Göransson who released an extended version with lyrics. This was heard in the Season One episode "Pascal's Triangle Revisited" during the final scene with Jeff and Annie.

The song[]


Be my little friend

Through the mountain's end

We could write a book

Without thinking how we look

Episode appearances[]

Season One[]

  • "Debate 109". The vocal melody played on a synthesizer is briefly heard twice during Annie and Jeff's awkward debate preparation session.
  • "Basic Genealogy": The melody is briefly heard after Annie asks Jeff to help Pierce win over his step daughter Amber.

Season Two[]

Season Three[]

  • Introduction to Finality": The song plays when Troy returns from Air Conditioning repair school and hugs both Britta and Abed.

Season Four[]

Season Six[]