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Greendale ventilation system

Greendale ventilation system    Greendalelogo
Purpose : to circulate and condition air on campus — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Cooperative Calligraphy"
Residents: Annie's Boobs, Ben Chang (formerly)

Visitors: Maintenance staff

Okay, okay...I'm the one living in your vents! I have no home and no job!
Ben Chang, "Biology 101".

The Greendale Ventilation System isn't just a way for the school to properly circulate the air inside the school. It's also shown to have been an alternate place to live for less discerning individuals. Both Annie's Boobs and Ben Chang have used the air vents as their home. The Greendale ventilation systems first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Cooperative Calligraphy".


Season Two[]

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Annie's pen went missing in the study room. A frantic search failed to turn it up and the group was forced to accept Troy's theory that a ghost took it. Unbeknownst to them, Annie's Boobs was responsible. After being set free by Abed back in their freshmen year, the monkey took up residence inside Greendale's ventilation system. He began hoarding personal paraphernalia of the study group including Annie's pens deep inside the air vents ("Cooperative Calligraphy"). This wasn't discovered until later in the semester when Troy spotted Annie's Boobs escaping into an air vent with a paintbrush he was using for the group's latest diorama. Ben Chang went after him and located the stolen goods the monkey had amassed. The group began to reminisce about the past year and Chang himself would later remember with fondness how Annie's Boobs repeatedly hit him while he was inside the air vent ("Paradigms of Human Memory").

2X8 AB3
Annie's Boobs returning to his home inside the air vents.
At the end of the year a paintball war between Greendale and City College broke out. A trap was set up in the library for the invaders by a paintball squad headed up by Troy. His team was to separate and lead the enemy into the building and then rendezvous in the Group Study Room F. Once they were inside, Shirley would activate the sprinklers which had been filled with paint. Troy's team would then exit via the air vent in the study room to avoid being splashed themselves. Unfortunately Garrett ruined their escape plan after he attempted to enter the vent. Halfway into it he got stuck cutting off their escape route ("For A Few Paintballs More").

Garrett is stuck
Garrett gets stuck in the air vent.

Season Three[]

In the study group's third year at school, Dean Pelton instructed Sgt. Nunez and his campus security force to deal with the monkey in the air vent problem. Nunez decided to pump monkey gas into the vents to catch Annie's Boobs. However, it was actually Ben Chang who was making the ruckus in the vents as he was living there now. Jeff chased Chang into the vents at the same time the monkey gas was released by Nunez. They both took a full blast of the monkey gas which caused Jeff to hallucinate and act irrationally. Later, a section of an air vent containing Chang crashed onto the Dean's desk in his office. Seeing an opportunity to get cheap labor, Pelton offered him a job ("Biology 101").

B101 Chang at his lowest point
Chang is forced to live in the air vents with a monkey.
Troy would later spot Annie's Boobs exiting the study room's air vents during Shirley and Andre's wedding reception. During the year it was also shown that the Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School had some control over the ventilation system. Troy felt a blast of air coming from the air vents before he was kidnapped to audition for the A/C school and also at Cornelius Hawthorne's funeral ("Advanced Gay"). After being forced to enrol at the A/C school , he felt another blast of air after passing by the recently deceased Robert Laybourne's portrait ("Introduction to Finality").

Annie's Boobs crashes the wedding reception
Troy spots Annie's boobs coming out of the air vent.

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year, Chang returned to school claiming to have "Changnesia" and unable to remember his crimes from last year. In reality he was secretly working for City College's Dean Spreck to destroy Greendale from within. After a few failed attempts, Chang planned something involving the school's air vents. He had exited the one inside the study room when he was approached by Abed. After examining the histories of the study group members Abed concluded that the one underlying factor that led to the group's formation was Chang. He then asked Chang to join them all at Yogurtsburgh back at the Greendale Mall. Chang was touched by his words but figured it was too late for him to back out of his plan. Abed assured him it wasn't while also implying he knew Chang was faking his amnesia. Chang considers the air vent for a moment before deciding on foregoing whatever plan he had and joined Abed and the rest of the group at the mall ("Heroic Origins").

Chang considers his options
Chang considers the air vent for a moment.