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Happy Birthday Jesus!

CD Cover
  ♫Happy Birthday Jesus!  
Shirley and children's chior

◄  Album : none  -  Performed by: Shirley with a choir  ►
  Composed by: Ludwig Göransson  -  First heard: "Regional Holiday Music"

Shirley, Britta I have no intention of singing. I can't speak for these little angels though.

In "Paradigms of Human Memory," it was revealed that the study group filled in for the Glee Club when the previous members died in a tragic bus accident. When the latest Glee Club becomes incapacitated in "Regional Holiday Music," the study group refuses Mr. Radison's request to replace them once more. Abed becomes "Mr. Rad"'s ally, however, and manages to convince Troy, Annie and Pierce to participate in the upcoming pageant. Shirley and Britta become worried as Pierce approaches them in the student lounge...

The song with lyrics[]

Choir: There's a magic in the air around us
We all have the sudden urge to bake
It feels like a very special birthday
but whose name should be written on the cake?

Choir: We asked our public school to give the answer
but they could only teach us not to pray.
The Constitution says the state can't tell us:
Was anyone important born today?

Shirley: Jesus Christ!
Choir: Jesus Christ!
Shirley: Jesus Christ is Lord!
Choir: Jesus Christ!
Shirley: Happy birthday, Jesus
Choir: Happy birthday
Shirley: Cut the cake, cut the cake now
Cut the cake, my Lord


This is the last onscreen "gleeful conversion." Annie, Jeff and Britta's conversions all happened off screen. It's shown that Jeff wasn't really convinced to join the Glee club after Annie finished her musical number, and it's left unclear how the three of them were actually "converted." For some reason, all three became enthusiastic and willing participants in the Christmas Pageant.

In DVD commentaries on the Community: The Complete Season Three, Yvette Nicole Brown mentions that the girl in the front row of the choir on the right is actually Ella, her goddaughter. On the left is the daughter of Yvette's friend Sydney. The rest of the choir is comprised of the girl's friends. The ensemble was put together by another friend of Yvette's named Donna, who is a choir director.