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Coach Bogner
Portrayed by: Blake Clark
First appearance: "Physical Education"
Date of birth: Unknown
Department: Phys. Ed


You know what, Jeff? One of us is about to win this game. But years from now, when the story is retold, all they're going to remember is one of us loved clothes. And the other loved...the Game.
— Coach Bogner, "Physical Education".

Coach Bogner
Coach Bogner.
Coach Bogner is the physical education director at Greendale Community College. He insists that his students wear the required P.E. uniform for all his classes, even billiards. His first and only appearance was in the Season One episode "Physical Education". He was portrayed by actor Blake Clark.

Character history[]

In the study group's first year at Greendale, Jeff eagerly signs up for Billiards as a P.E. credit considering it the only sport you can play while looking cool. Before the class starts he meets Coach Bogner who compliments his obvious skill at the game. Bogner then hands out the standard issue attire for PE classes at Greendale which consists of a tee shirt and a pair of tight fitting athletic shorts. Jeff was uncomfortable with the uniform as it didn't flatter him due to his height and long legs. His classmates were amused by his appearance making him self- conscious. Despite his discomfort and complaint, Bogner insisted that he wear the uniform just like everyone else. After Jeff refuses to adhere to the dress code, Bogner deduces Jeff's true reasons for not wearing the shorts. He declares that Jeff is more worried about looking cool than playing pool shaming him in front of the class for his vanity.

1x17-Jeff Bogner shorts
Cool in shorts.
After some inspiration from Abed (and a few insulting PA announcements from Bogner) Jeff dons his shorts and challenges Bogner to a game of pool. Bogner accepts and both players perform well. After a few shots, Bogner accuses Jeff of not learning anything, just how to look cool in shorts. Jeff counters by pulling his own shorts down exposing his underwear. Bogner follows suit and they continue playing wearing only their briefs. As the game comes down to the last shot Bogner again confronts Jeff, saying that no matter who wins, all that would be remembered is that one man "loved clothes and the other loved game." With a cry, both men rip off their last piece of clothing and stand naked before the crowd. Bogner misses a tough rail shot on the 8-ball but Jeff sinks it on a long corner shot to win. Coach Bogner congratulates Jeff and gives him permission to wear whatever he wants during Billiards class. Having finally earned Bogner's respect, Jeff announces that he chooses shorts. Bogner responds by kissing Jeff full on the mouth much to the shock of the crowd.

Jeff and Bogner
Secure in his manhood.


Do you have something against playing pool with a full range of motion and optimal comfort?
Vanity, thy name is...his name. It's the first day, I didn't catch it.
You beat me. From now on, you play pool dressed however you choose.Coach Bogner
I choose shorts. I choose shorts! SHORTS!Jeff
You son of a bitch. You magnificent son of a bitch!Coach Bogner, just before kissing Jeff