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Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne ID
Hilda close up
Portrayed by: unknown
First appearance: Digital Estate Planning
Date of birth: NA
Home town: Hawkthorne
Occupation: Non player character

I live in the village. I love Abed.
— Hilda,"Digital Estate Planning".

Hilda is a NPC (Non-player character) from the video game titled "Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne". Her purpose was to be an interactive source of information for the players. When the study group encountered her while playing the game, Abed quickly became smitten with her. Abed (through his in game avatar) married Hilda, settled down and raised a very large family. Hilda's first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Digital Estate Planning".


In the study group's third year at Greendale, Pierce's father Cornelius Hawthorne died. According to his will, Pierce was to play a video game to compete for his inheritance. The other study group members agreed to play alongside him and entered the medieval virtual world through custom made avatars of themselves. They encountered a few hostile enemies and an avatar of Cornelius before arriving at a village. The group met a maiden milking a cow whom Pierce was immediately wary of. Abed approached her to find out if she was friend or foe and she introduced herself as Hilda. Ignoring Pierce's claim she was a lesbian, Abed talked with her some more and discovered she had more information to give. She told them the throne of Hawkthorne they were looking for was north of the village.

Hilda spots the study group
Hilda spots the study group.
Hilda added that in order to unlock the castle which houses the throne, they needed to acquire the "White Diamond of Discipline" from the "Dark Caverns". Abed continued to talk with Hilda while the rest of the study group went to find supplies in town. As he questioned her further, Abed continued to be impressed with the amount of information she had on various topics. Sometime later, Abed's conversation with Hilda was interrupted when Pierce and Troy returned after they lost all their clothing in a game of poker. Troy was surprised Abed was still talking to Hilda and Abed admitted the ease of their interaction stirred feelings in him. Pierce cautioned Abed to be careful but he assured him that they were taking things slow. Hilda did want him to meet her family and Abed mentioned her father was the town's blacksmith.

S03E20-Abed meets Hilda
Abed meets Hilda.

At that moment, Shirley and Annie returned with armor and weapons just as the blacksmith shop erupted in flames behind them. Hilda started crying as she raced over to her father's shop which burned down with both her parents inside. Afterwards, Abed did his best to comfort her although he told his friends she only had two options now that she was orphaned. According to her laws and customs Hilda was expected to either get married now or fend for herself in the woods. Gilbert interrupted their conversation and attacked them. Abed stood in front of Hilda to make sure she wasn't hurt during the battle. Thanks to Jeff's quick thinking they managed to defeat Gilbert and send him back to the start of the game. Afterwards, the party re-equipped themselves and set off on the quest without Abed.

S03E20-Abed stays behind with Hilda
Abed stays behind with Hilda.
He elected to stay behind with Hilda and not long after saying goodbye to his friends, Hilda and Abed got married. She gave birth to his children and together Abed's family transformed the town into a metropolis. When the party was sent back to the start of the game by Gilbert again, Hilda and Abed greeted their friends as they entered the now modernized village. Jeff was surprised when Hilda declared her love for Abed who explained that he maxed out her affection and trust levels. This got him access to front end scripting language which Abed then used to have Hilda bear him children. They took them on a tour of their castle and showed them the basement where Hilda's children were hard at work mining ore which they used to build things.

S03E20-Hilda kickpunch
Hilda's front end scripting language including "kickpunch".

Abed had them create vehicles and weapons to aid them in their quest. Hilda and her children accompanied Abed and his friends as they headed to Castle Hawthorne. Once they arrived they found Gilbert being chased by the avatar of Cornelius Hawthorne. Once her army of children attacked with bows and arrows, Cornelius absorbed Castle Hawkthorne and changed into a monstrous form. Hilda then joined the fray as well showing up on a blimp piloted by Britta. She was attached to a gun wielded by Jeff and provided the ammunition for the weapon producing multiple copies of Abed's children who were then shot out of the barrel. The avatar proved too powerful and took out the blimp eliminating Jeff and Britta in the process.

S03E20-Hilda shooting little Abeds
Hilda provides little Abed ammo.

Hilda survived when one of her children, who was using a jet pack, caught her as she fell and took her to safety. She and her allies managed to do enough damage so that Cornelius could be finished off by Pierce who destroyed its body by driving a large missile into it. The study group then allowed Gilbert to deliver the final blow and win the prize. In the real world, Gilbert apologized for his earlier actions and invited the study group to join him at Skeepers for yard long margaritas. Abed stayed back once everyone had left and went to the main computer. He then inserted a memory stick and downloaded the Hilda character data from the mainframe. Once he had finished he said: "Hilda my love, I told you I'd come back for you" ("Digital Estate Planning").

S03E20-Hilda jet pack rescue
Hilda's jet pack rescue.