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His Name Was Alex: A Star-Burns Memorial

CD Cover
  His Name Was Alex: A Star-Burns Memorial  

◄  Album : none  -  Performed by: Ludwig Göransson  ►
  Composed by: Ludwig Göransson  -  First heard: Course Listing Unavailable

Finally there's a kid named Abed who makes movies at my community college and to him I leave the task of creating a video tribute of my life.
Star-Burns speaking his final wishes in his video will, "Course Listing Unavailable".

In their third year at Greendale, the study group and the rest of the campus had to deal with the shocking death of Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne. His last wishes, according to a will he had delivered to Abed, included that the aspiring filmmaker create a video tribute to his life. At his request, Abed produced a loving video memorial dedicated to him using stock footage of Star-Burns which he left in the video will. The video's first appearance was in the Season Three "Course Listing Unavailable". It's later revealed that Star-Burns faked his death ("Introduction to Finality").

The video with lyrics[]


You never see the dawn
when you have blood in your eyes.
The knight will fight with steel
until he brings you down!
Burn the night sky alive!
Burn for his country and honor!
He will never DIE!

Behind the scenes[]


Behind the scenes picture making of the video

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Dino's stop motion animation production company

Dino Stamatopoulos, the actor portraying Star-Burns, was also a writer and consulting producer on "Community". In an interview with Entertainment Weekly (seen HERE) he explained why he had suggested his character's death:

I’m not an actor. I don’t enjoy waiting around for hours on set, I hate when people touch my eyes and neck (make-up department!), I can’t learn lines quickly (yes, even the amount of lines I get), and I don’t need other actors (Joel McHale) asking me why I never got my teeth fixed. There are certain acting roles that I don’t mind doing because I’ll write them and I’ll know how a specific character is supposed to behave. So in those instances, I’m comfortable with performing. The Star-Burns character was basically a conduit for the joke-sideburns and the one-note attitude about not being happy when people called him ‘Star-Burns’. I didn’t have a character in mind so it’s always been an uphill battle for me to perform the part. Yes, he’s been given funny lines, and I suppose the writers made him more like me eventually, but playing yourself is very difficult as well. I really don’t know how people perceive me. Obviously it’s as a scumbag, which is fair because I am, but that doesn’t mean I can play one on TV.

He left "Community" after Season Three wrapped and began production on various projects with his stop motion animation company "Starburns Industries".