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Honda boss
Honda boss
Portrayed by: Billy Zane
First appearance: "Advanced Safety Features"
Occupation: Honda representative
Reason for visit: Direct Honda guerrilla marketing campaign on the Greendale campus


Oh my, where did he go?
Britta, "Advanced Safety Features".

S06E07-Honda boss head shot
Honda boss portrayed by Billy Zane.
Honda boss was the head of a Honda guerrilla marketing campaign which targeted college campuses. He was the handler to one of his best salesmen Rick who got the Honda boss to take a chance on bringing his ex-girlfriend Britta in on the job. The Honda head honcho had a penchant for making a dramatic exit by distracting people and then trying to hide. He was really bad at it though and the people he was trying to hide from usually pretended they couldn't see him . His first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Advanced Safety Features". He was portrayed by actor Billy Zane.

Character history[]

During the 2014 fall semester at Greendale, psychology student Britta Perry was tending bar at The Vatican when a male customer entered the establishment. He asked for a drink and Britta recommended a glass of the bar's finest scotch. Impressed with her salesmanship he bought a glass. He then revealed he was in cahoots with her ex-boyfriend Rick who unexpectedly burst into the bar. The patron was actually a Honda boss, the latest corporate employer of her former paramour. At Rick's behest he was scouting her for a position in his company which he insisted be called "Hilary" instead of "Honda" while they are in public. As incentive the Honda boss pointed out that Britta and Rick could be a real couple if they sold Honda products together.

6x8 Rick and his boss has a proposal for Britta
The pitch to Britta.
Although tempted, Britta was hesitant to accept the job which required her to trick people into buying things they don't need. The Honda boss defended his job by describing it as simply informing people about the brand and letting them decide. He countered that Britta herself did this when she sold him on buying the most expensive scotch in the bar. He then did a hard sell on his proposal by asking Britta if she loved Rick. When she said yes the Honda boss declared them to be a highly influential couple and prompted them to kiss. While they were engaged he attempted to disappear without being noticed but Britta spotted him hiding behind a table.

S06E07-Honda boss dissappears
It's magic!
As he predicted they made an effective marketing team but the demands of the job being 24/7 started to bother Britta. She quit and convinced Rick to do so as well but the lure of making a big sale proved too tempting. Rick got caught in a sting set up by Frankie Dart and Dean Pelton and was banned from the campus. The Honda boss was present when Rick was escorted off school grounds. He offered his sympathies to Britta to avoid the awkward situation he pointed behind her and Britta played along allowing him a chance to hide. When she turned back around she pretended not to see him trying to hide behind a wall enclosure and wondered aloud where he went ("Advanced Safety Features").

S06E07-Honda boss come with us
You could come with us.