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Shirley, that wasn't a horror story. That was a sermon. You ruined a Britta party. That's like letting poop spoil.

At the insistence of Britta, the study group gathers in Group Study Room F for a pre-party before the real Halloween party. When Jeff arrives, Britta takes him aside and tries to explain the real reason she threw the pre-party: it turns out the results of the anonymous psych tests she had them take a few weeks ago has determined that someone in the group is mentally unbalanced. Jeff believes she "Britta'd" the test results, but she insists she double checked her findings. With Jeff's reluctant assistance, Britta begins the investigation by asking the group to tell scary stories. By analyzing them, she hopes to ferret out who the potential homicidal maniac is.

HFISSS Troy and Abed doing cosplay
Troy and Abed doing cosplay!
Britta starts it off by telling a generic story about a couple making out in a car parked in a dark wooded area. They stop their activities when a news announcer on the radio reports that a hook-handed convict escaped from an asylum. The boyfriend leaves the car to have a look outside and runs into the convict who stabs him repeatedly. When Britta asks Abed's opinion of the story, he tells her he found it to be embarrassing. He recounts his own horror story where the couple acts overly logical and takes the necessary precautions to deal with the escaped killer. The others find his story to be just as bland as Britta's, and Annie decides to tell a real horror story.

HFISSS It was a dark and spooky night
It was a dark and spooky night in the woods...

HFISSS Making out in a parked car
A couple was making out when they are interrupted by...

HFISSS Radio anounces escaped mental patient
...a radio announcement about an escaped lunatic from a nearby psycho ward.

HFISSS That sounds dangerous
"That sounds dangerous!"

HFISSS Taking a look outside
"Fine, I'll get out and look, but then I'm entitled to sex."

HFISSS Im being stabbed repeatedly by his hook handed thingy
"I'm getting stabbed by his hook hand thing!"

HFISSS Oh my God No I was right
"Oh my God! No! I WAS RIGHT"

HFISSS Waiting for the killer
Dealing with the killer in a calm rational manner.

Annie tells a story set in the Victorian age of a school teacher who encounters a handsome stranger when stranded in the woods after being thrown from her horse. This stranger supposedly took her back to his cabin to treat her wounds but in reality had a more sinister objective. He reveals himself to be a vampire and at first wanted to have her join his undead concubine. However, he can't seem to make up his mind about whether he wants her to stay or go. Eventually, his thirst for her blood overwhelms him. He is about to attack her when she reveals that she is a werewolf and ends up killing him instead. Annie describes the violence in gory detail much to the dismay of the rest of the study group.

HFISSS I am a monster
"I am a monster, and I must feed."

HFISSS Im fine with it
"I'm fine with this."

HFISSS Teach me to read
"Wait! Teach me to read."

HFISSS Learning how to read
"Oh reason not the need! Our basest beggars are in the poorest things superfluous!"

HFISSS Your porcelain neck in the light of the full moon too appetizing
"Your porcelain neck in the light of the full moon...too appetizing."

HFISSS A werewolf that feeds on selfish vampires
"I'm a werewolf that feeds on selfish vampires!"

HFISSS Im a die by werewolf
I'm a die by werewolf!

Shocked by her story, Britta believes she may have found her suspect and starts to question Annie. Jealous of the attention Britta is giving her, Troy decides to tell a horror story of his own. He tells the tale of two fighter pilots who crash-land near an old scientist's cabin. The scientist drugs them both and experiments on them. He awakens them and gleefully tells them they've been sewn together. Unexpectedly, the experiment results in the duo being given mind powers which they use to beat the scientist unconscious. Some time later, the pilots revive him and reveal that they experimented on the scientist too. They took his butt and put it on his chest, in essence giving him the appearance of boobs. To torment him further, they also switched his hands with his feet, so he couldn't fondle them.

3x05-Troy and Abed sewn together
Troy and Abed sewn together.
Abed ends up being the only one who enjoyed the story while Pierce is annoyed as he rightly assumed the crazy old scientist was meant to represent him. Pierce offers his own tale about a character he calls Magnum that he later admits is an idealized version of himself. He succeeds in frightening the study group with it although this is mainly due to its offensive sexist and racist themes and not because of any horror aspect. Annie suggests that the stories are starting to become too personal as the bimbos in Pierce's narrative were the women of the study group and the stereotypical hoodlums he beat up were meant to be Troy and Abed. Shirley agrees and laments the overuse of violence in the last few tales.

3x05-Pierce tells a story
Call him Magnum.
Shirley launches into her own story describing a group of friends decadently partying in a cabin. A radio announcement interrupts their debauchery and informs them it's the "End of Days, when all the good people are called up to heaven while the bad ones are left behind on Earth. The Devil arrives to claim the friends and take them to Hell. A friend of the partyers, a devout Christian, makes a dramatic appearance and banishes the Devil. The friends thank her and ask her if they can accompany her to Heaven, but she says she can't and just came to say goodbye. When she departs, the Devil reappears with a chainsaw and repeatedly chops up the friends for all eternity.

3x05-Jeff Annie Abed Troy Britta
You can sneak us in, right?

Shirley's sermonizing brings the storytelling to an end and prompts the others to try to leave for the real Halloween party. They are stopped by Britta and Jeff, and she comes clean about the personality test results and why she wanted them to tell spooky stories. The rest of the group refuses to believe one of them could be a psycho, but Britta insists that they need to figure it out. She goes on to explain what might happen if that unbalanced person is left unchecked. The horrific details causes the study group, including Jeff, to back away from her. They remind her that she took the test too which causes Britta to consider the possibility that she might be the psycho. The lights then suddenly go out and when they come back on everyone is armed.

3x05-Troy Abed Axed
Troy and Abed get axe mur-dered!

3x05-Annie Shirley Stabbed
Annie and Shirley stabbed.

3x05-Pierce Jeff poisoned
Jeff and Pierce posioned.

HFISSS Brittas death
Britta choked.

HFISSS The psycho revealed
The killer revealed?

Jeff tries to defuse the situation by telling another story about friends who form a bond with a hook handed psycho. The group dismiss the story as nonsense and question Jeff's sanity. This makes him admit to randomly filling out his answers and causes Annie to scrutinize the test sheets. She points out that Britta had run the tests backwards in the scoring machine. Embarrassed, Britta runs the tests again and the results are reversed: only one of them is sane while the rest are crazy. Shirley suggests they not try to figure out who the tests belong to; this way they can all believe that they are the sole sane one. Everyone agrees and as they leave for the party the camera pans back to the tests where it's revealed to the audience that Abed was the sane one.

HFISSS Armed and dangerous
Jeff attempts to calm things down with a story...

HFISSS the psycho
A hook handed psycho interrupts a gathering of friends.

HFISSS Tell us why you kill
"Tell us why you kill people!"

HFISSS I kill because im afraid
"Fear. I kill because I'm afraid. Can I get a hug?"

A group hug resolves everything. The end.

HFISSS The test scores
Starting from the center and moving left to right, the sanest to the craziest.

End tag[]

Troy and Abed's horror story is continued, and it sees the two sewn together fighter pilots discussing their future plans via the psychic connection they now have.

3x05 tag
Troy and Abed sewn together!

Recurring themes[]


Continuity lists
Recurring or debuting plot points in this episode:
  • Previously:
    • Troy points out that the Dean got some taco meat for the Halloween party.
    • Britta mentions that she lived in New York.
  • That just happened: The plot of this episode is based around the psych tests the study group took in the end tag of "Competitive Ecology".
  • Coined and minted:
    • "Britta'd it": To mess something up.
    • Several other names are used by the group (e.g. "Pierce") in a similar way as Britta's, but their meanings are not defined.
  • Winger speech: To put the group at ease, Jeff tells a story about a killer who turns out to be afraid and just needs a hug.
Recurring or debuting characters in this episode:

Only the seven members of the study group, along with Ben Chang and Dean Pelton, appear in this episode.

Recurring or debuting places in this episode:
Recurring or debuting items in this episode:
  • School supplies: The Scantron psych tests Britta gave the other study group members play a large role in this episode.

Running gags[]

List of Running gags
Recurring or debuting running gags in this episode:
  • Annie's Boobs: Annie's teacher dress has a very low-cut front.
  • Awww!: In Jeff's horror story, Chang is revealed to be the psycho who says all he wants is a hug. His request elicits "Awwws!" from the study group who join Chang in a group hug.
  • Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!: For the third time on the show, the movie Beetlejuice is referenced, this time by Annie. Following the rules in the movie, Beetlejuice walks past the window in the background.
  • Britta'd: The study group has taken to using Britta's name as a verb, essentially meaning 'to screw something up.
  • Deanotation:The Dean greets Jeff and Britta by saying, "Trick or Dean!".
  • Gay, he's so gay!: Pierce reacts to Jeff's story with, "That was the gayest crap I've ever heard in my life."
  • Like an evil genie: The Dean shows up right after Britta tells Jeff one of their friends is deeply disturbed.
  • Nice outfit: Jeff appears as a "Fast and the Furious" type character and as a vampire, Britta appears as a vampire concubine and a hook-handed psycho, Annie appears as a chaste schoolteacher and werewolf, Troy and Abed appear as Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie as well as fighter pilots and ganstas, Pierce appears a mad scientist and Magnum, Shirley appears as an angel, Ben Chang appears as a hook-handed psycho, Dean Pelton appears as a witch and the Devil.
  • Rhyme time: When Abed asks Pierce if the Magnum character in his horror story was supposed to be Pierce, he replies,"Still am, Pakistan! Want to try me?".
  • Troy and Abed in the Morning!: In the end tag, "Troy and Abed sewn toge-ther".
  • WWBJD?: Shirley's horror story is essentially her sermonizing to the group and extolling Christian Eschatology.

Pop culture references[]

List of Pop culture references
References to popular culture in this episode:
  • IMDb: The story Troy tells about being sewn together with Abed by a mad scientist depicted as Pierce is a reference to The Human Centipede, a 2009 Dutch horror movie featuring a deranged surgeon who sews people together.
  • Name that tune: In this episode, Abed introduces what later becomes a recurring theme in the season, a song titled "Daybreak".
  • Shout out: NPR is the radio station playing after the Rapture.
  • Well read:
    • Britta imagines a scenario where she is killed while reading "War and Peace" but thinks the title of the book is "Warren Piece".
    • Shirley refers to heaven as "Abraham's bosom," a phrase from the Bible.

Meta references[]

List of Meta references
Meta references in this episode:


Behind the scenes[]



I had the lights rigged to flicker because it's Halloween.Dean Pelton
It's been happening for a week.Jeff
Halloween week!Dean Pelton
So the lights will work on November first?Jeff
All Saints' Day-month!Dean Pelton
Your texture was so discompassionately macabre, as if without the slightest regard for human life.Britta
That's enough. Stop pinning ribbons to her. Why does Annie get to be good at everything?Troy
Here's the sched. At 10, you'll be buried neck-deep in scorpions, 11:15, lava enemas, followed by Pilates.Devil Dean Pelton
Oh, that's good. I like pilates.The Group
Pilates is a demon that eats your genitals.Devil Dean Pelton
You ruined a Britta party. That's like letting poop spoil.Troy
We learned an important lesson tonight. We should never make the Britta of Britta-ing each other's feelings.Britta
You're using it wrong.Pierce
Wow. You Britta'd 'Britta'd'.Jeff
Way to pull an Abed.Abed
I don't get it.Shirley
Shirley, don't Pierce.Jeff
I don't get it.Pierce
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