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How You Like Me Now

The Heavy The House that dirt built
  ♫How You Like Me Now  
The Heavy portrait

◄  Album : The House That Dirt Built  -  Performed by: The Heavy  ►
  Composed by: The Heavy  -  First heard: "Social Psychology"

There are some worries, man.
Vaughn Miller to Stoner friend.

In The Study Group's first year at Greendale, Jeff and Shirley bonded by "bagging" on their fellow students. Pierce eavesdrops on their conversation using his new Ear-Nocular device and wrongly assumes they are mocking him and the study group. After the misunderstanding is resolved, Jeff runs in to Britta and Shirley on the campus quad and they seem to be giggling about him. Jeff approaches Pierce who is sitting on a nearby bench and asks for his "Ear-nocular" to hear what they are saying. Pierce tells Jeff he got rid of them because man was made to hear at a certain range in order to hear the people that are most important. Pierce than walks away and Jeff concludes that he probably overheard the study group calling him "Inspector Gadget." While this scene plays out the song "How You Like Me Now" by The Heavy is heard in the background. The song was heard in the Season One episode "Social Psychology".

The song with lyrics[]


Now there was a time,
When you loved me so.
I couldn't do wrong,
And now you need to know.
See, I been a bad bad bad bad man.
And I made a deal.
I found a brand new love for this man,
And I can't wait till you see.
I can't wait.
So how you like me now?
Remember the time
When I eat you up
Yeah I was a line
That you can't give up.
If i was to cheat on you
Would you see right through me?
If I sing a sad sad sad sad song
Would you give it to me?
So how you like me now?
Does that make you love me baby?
Does that make you want me baby?
Does that make you love me baby?
Does that make you want me baby?
Oh, mercy.
Oh yeah.


The Heavy[]

The Heavy are a British rock band from Bath, England formed in 1998. The members of the group are Kelvin Swaby providing vocals, Dan Taylor playing Guitar, Spencer Page on Bass and Chris Ellul playing the drums. The Heavy play an eclectic mixture of "Neo soul", rock and funk. They are known to sample and include other genres of music into their work as well incorporating rap, garage rock and even spoken word. The song "How You Like Me Now?" is from their 2009 album "The House That Dirt Built". Aside from "Community", it was featured in several other television series such as Entourage, Rookie Blue, Suits, and White Collar.

From left to right: Spencer Page (Bass),
Dan Taylor (Guitar), Kelvin Swaby (Vocals)
and Chris Ellul (Drums).