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Hula Housepaints

  Hula Housepaints  
First appearance: "Studies in Modern Movement" — Owned by: Pierce Hawthorne — Used by: Pierce Hawthorne
Purpose: Paint— Made by: Hula   PHOTO ICON

Needed a coat of paint anyway.
— Pierce, "Studies in Modern Movement".

Hulu paint
Hula Housepaint can.
Hula Housepaints is a popular brand of house paints. The product is named after the traditional Hawaiian dance and it's logo reflects this featuring a young female hula dancer carrying a paintbrush. Like all paint products, the fumes of the paint are toxic and should not be used unless there is proper ventilation. It's first and only appearnce on the show was in the Season Three episode "Studies in Modern Movement".


In the study group's third year at Greendale, Annie agreed to move in with Troy and Abed in their apartment. She and the study group packed up her things at her place above Dildopolis. When Annie asked Troy for a tape dispenser he accidentally tossed it at one of the apartments outlet plugs and damaged it. Pierce volunteered to fix it since he didn't want Annie to lose her deposit. The others left to move the rest of her stuff into her new residence. In the midst of his repairs, Pierce caused a short circuit which left a blackened trail on the walls. He bought a large bucket of white Hula Housepaints to cover the latest damage done to the apartment.

3x7 Promotional photo 13
For some reason, this is relaxing.
Pierce struggled to remove the lid from the canister and ended up spilling the contents when he finally opened it. He grabbed a nearby wooden slat to clean up the mess unaware that the window it was propping up immediately shut itself. Pierce failed to notice a warning sticker on the side of the paint bucket reading "Hazardous fumes". Stuck in room with no ventilation, the paint fumes started to affect him as he began painting the floor instead of the wall. Later the floor became completely covered in paint with Pierce laying down in the middle of the mess making "snow angels". He continued to hallucinate is imaging he was playing a song on the piano with two hula dancers next to him.

Pierce Hula Trip
Pierce's Hula trip hallucination.
Eventually, the apartment manager found Pierce in the apartment still imagining that he was playing the piano. The landlord was too shocked by the scene to answer Pierce when he was asked if he had any requests. Sometime later, Annie returned and found the manager attending to Pierce. The manager explained that Pierce nearly killed himself inhaling the toxic fumes. Pierce apologized for what happened and said he had a few island girls over who must have slipped him a mickey. Annie was thankful that he was alright but was angered when Pierce tried to lean in for a kiss. He explained that he had gotten brain damage due to the paint fumes and was not responsible for his actions ("Studies in Modern Movement").

S03E07-Pierce paint
Pierce's Hula real trip.

Paint Fumes[]

Paints give off fumes that are dangerous to breathe, potentially causing lung problems and asthma. The fumes are actually the worst when the paint dries, as the chemicals evaporate and enter the air, creating an environment full of toxic gases that can exacerbate asthma and sinusitis. Prolonged inhalation of volatile compounds causes hallucinations, delusions, dizziness, impaired judgment, drowsiness, muscle weakness, disorientation, irritability and depression. Long-term and frequent inhalation of paints can damage organs, including the lungs, brain, liver, kidneys and heart.

From: What Are the Dangers of Industrial Painting & Fumes?