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Well it’s funny, I enrolled here as a selfish loner but you and the group have given me a crash course in friendship.
— Jeff Winger
In Spanish class, Señor Chang introduces Annie who announces that tonight at the library, she is throwing a Día de los Muertos party. Students who attend get extra credit but Chang is being forced to supervise without being paid. Shirley enthusiastically agrees to go while Britta scolds Jeff for being noncommittal. Pierce checks his cell phone to see if he sent the e-vite for the party and accidentally calls his mother.

ITS Enthusiastic Annie and Annoyed Chang
An enthusiastic Annie and an annoyed Chang.
During Statistics class, Jeff flirts with his professor Michelle Slater. After class, Slater admits to Jeff she is attracted to him but declares she doesn't date students. Shirley and Britta watch on as Jeff chases after Slater in the hallway. Annie interrupts his pursuit to ask Jeff if he’s attending her party. As the coolest guy on campus, his presence can ensure her it’s success. Jeff tries to refuse but relents when she starts to cry. During lunchtime, Pierce attempts to secretly take his pills, but Abed notices much to his embarrassment.

ITS introducing Michelle Slater
Professor Michelle Slater is introduced.
That night In the study room, Annie's party begins, and the study group members arrive in costume except for Jeff. Pierce arrives dressed as the Beastmaster. He goes to the restroom to take his evening meds and runs into Star-Burns. He convinces Pierce to trade two of Pierce's pills for one of his own, unaware that Pierce's medications are not recreational. Pierce is equally oblivious of the nature of Star-Burns' drugs. Back at the party, Jeff sees Chang leave and follows him to the faculty Halloween party to see Slater. Britta and Shirley team up to bring him back angry that he bailed on Annie. When Annie calls for Jeff and the attendees realize he isn't there they begin to talk about leaving early.

1x07-Star-Burns Pierce trade
One of mine for two of yours.
Nearby, Pierce and Star-Burns begin to experience the effects of the pills they swapped. At the faculty party, Slater continues to resist Jeff's advances, worrying that word of a relationship would spread from his friends to the whole school. Jeff claims that he has no friends, but immediately they all start to appear. Britta confronts him about skipping out on Annie followed by Abed as Batman, who also condemns Jeff for his actions. Then Troy, dressed as Eddie Murphy, reports that Pierce is high and needs Jeff's help. It's then that Dean Pelton points out that Shirley is outside in the parking lot breaking the antenna off of Slater's car. Finally, Pierce arrives, high on Star-Burns' drugs, and makes a huge scene. Fed up with their interference, Jeff lashes out at each member of the group, driving them away.

1x07-Dean Pelton Slater Britta Jeff unseemly
Britta finds Shirley attempting to destroy Slater's office. Shirley admits that she is misplacing her anger and reveals that her husband returned for their wedding ring in order to give it to his new girlfriend. Shirley confesses that she pretended Britta was hurt in order to avoid her own pain. Britta realizes that she is also guilty of avoiding her own feelings regarding Jeff and Slater. As he returns to Annie's party, Pierce's drug trip progresses to hallucination, and Annie is unable to calm him. Back at the faculty party, Chang mocks Jeff's failure to score with Slater, and Jeff blames Greendale for draining his coolness. At Chang's suggestion, Jeff approaches Slater and straightforwardly pleads with her to have sex with him only to be shocked when she agrees.

1x07-Shirley hose Slaters office
Take that, Professor Slimcalves!
They leave and walk past the library, where a crowd has gathered. Troy runs up and tells Jeff that Pierce is in the middle of a mental breakdown and only Jeff can help. Reluctantly, Jeff leaves Slater and approaches Pierce, who has barricaded himself inside a sizeable fort made of tables and chairs. Pierce tells Jeff that the real reason for his freakout is having to face the fact that he is old. Jeff responds that Pierce has done a lot of living in just the last two months and should be proud. Reassured, Pierce pumps his fist which causes the fort to collapse. Abed swoops in at the last second and drags both men to safety. The episode closes with a dramatic Abed/Batman voice over as the group recovers and continue the party together.

1x07-Chang Jeff
The body of a fifth-grader.

End tag[]

Eating candy after the party, Troy and Abed practice the Batman voice while musing about mundane thoughts.

Troy and Abed Batman and donuts
Batman and Eddie Murphy hanging out.

Recurring themes[]


Continuity lists
Recurring or debuting plot points in this episode:
  • History lesson:
    • Annie mentions to Jeff how unpopular she was in high school and she hopes to improve her popularity in College.
    • Shirley reveals that she and her husband have been separated for six months and she no longer wears her wedding ring. It is later revealed that he asked for his ring back, so he could propose to his new girlfriend.
  • Discontinuity: Pierce accidentally calls his mother who mentions having recently seen his father's ghost implying that he is dead. However, Pierce's father, Cornelius Hawthorne, appears in the Season Three episode "Advanced Gay" alive. The discrepancy is explained in the story by Pierce who says that his mom liked to imagine his father was dead.
Recurring or debuting characters in this episode:
Recurring or debuting places in this episode:
Recurring or debuting items in this episode:

Running gags[]

List of Running gags
Recurring or debuting running gags in this episode:
  • Disney face: For the first time, Annie uses her tears to convince Jeff to do something.
  • I'm Batman!: This episode marks the first appearance of Abed's running gag where he assumes different personas. He does his "Batman" impersonation again in the Season Three episode "Studies in Modern Movement".
  • Nice outfit: Many characters wear ridiculous outfits for Halloween/Día de los Muertos. A wizard outfit, seen briefly when Chang is driving Jeff on his moped, appears once again in "The Science of Illusion" worn by Pierce.
    • Britta wears a squirrel costume.
    • Jeff wears a cowboy costume based on the outfit actor Yul Brynner's character Chris Adams wore in the film "The Magnificent Seven".
    • Annie wears a tight fitting skeleton outfit which she briefly accessories with a cape and a calaca mask.
    • Troy is dressed in an outfit similar to what comedian Eddie Murphy wore in his TV special Delirious.
    • Shirley is dressed as "Harry Potter" the character from the book and movie franchise, and affects a bad English accent.
    • Pierce is dressed as "The Beastmaster" character from the movie of the same name which starred actor Marc Singer.
    • Abed is dressed as the Christian Bale version of the comic book character "Batman".
    • Michelle dresses as Robin Hood, or maybe Maid Marian.

Pop culture references[]

List of Pop culture references
References to popular culture in this episode:

Meta references[]

List of Meta references
Meta references in this episode:
  • Résumé: Shirley describes to Britta a movie poster she saw of the 2009 Katherine Heigl romantic comedy The Ugly Truth. Yvette Nicole Brown appeared in that film as the character Dori Coleman.


Behind the Scenes Video[]


Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is sometimes referred to as Mexican Halloween.Annie
Which is actually quite offensive to people familiar with Mexican Halloween as a sexual position.Chang
Are you trying to get formidable with me?Jeff
It worked on Pierce.Annie
Infomercials work on Pierce.Jeff
You know what the crazy thing is, Britta?Shirley
Everything you've done tonight?Britta
You feel a breeze here? Cause someone just struck out.Chang
She blew you off too, Chang.Jeff
Is that what you have to fall back on? Dude. Look at me, bro. Look at me. I've got the body of a fifth grader. M'Kay? If I was workin' with what you've got, she'd be at the Comfort Inn right now giving me a Mexican Halloween.Chang
Please sleep with me. Please. Pretty please. I'm so lonely. I haven't slept with anyone in a very long time, and you're so good-looking. Please do me the favor of having sex with me.Jeff to Professor Slater
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