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Ivory toupee

  Ivory toupee  
First appearance: "Advanced Gay"Owned by: Cornelius Hawthorne, Jeff WingerUsed by: Cornelius Hawthorne, Troy Barnes
Purpose: to insure true follicular purity— Made by: using ivory   PHOTO ICON


Ordinary toupee hair is harvested from the heads of the Godless Orientals. Solid ivory is the only way to be assured of true follicular purity while still identifying myself as a man of means.
Cornelius Hawthorne, "Advanced Gay".

The back of the toupee
The back of the toupee.
The Ivory toupee is a hairpiece first worn by Pierce's father Cornelius Hawthorne. Normally a toupee is supposed to blend realistically with a persons remaining hair to conceal the baldness. In Cornelius' case he wanted everyone to know what he was wearing and chose a hairpiece that was garishly obvious. He took great pride in the fact that it was made without any ethnic contributions and more importantly that it showed off how rich he was. The hairpiece's first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Advanced Gay".


Season Three[]

In the study group's third year together at Greendale, Pierce's father Cornelius Hawthorne came to pay him a visit. He was intent on stopping his son from marketing Hawthorne Wipes to the Gay community. His racist attitude coupled with his ridiculous appearance made a bad first impression with the study group. He wore an ivory toupee on his head while spouting his prejudiced beliefs which was openly mocked by Jeff. Cornelius was unfazed by the insult and casually explained why he wore such a unique item. Not only did act as a replacement for his actual hair but it was an expensive item that proudly proclaimed was a symbol of his racial and financial superiority.

Jeff is given the toupee
The toupee is given to Cornelius' killer.

When Jeff saw how Cornelius was mistreating Pierce it reminded him of his own messed up relationship with his father. Jeff harshly criticized Cornelius' parenting and attitude which resulted in the old man having a heart attack. Cornelius was taken to the school health center where he died from the trauma. Later at his funeral, Pierce approached Jeff after the service and gave him his father’s ivory toupee. The terms of his father's will stated whoever killed him got to have the hairpiece ("Advanced Gay"). Several months later the toupee wound up in Troy Barnes possession who wore it for an all night play session he and Abed had in the Dreamatorium ("Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts").

Troy wearing the ivory toupee
Troy wearing the ivory toupee.