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Jaques Slade
Jacques Slade
Full name: Kustoo
Occupation: Musician, Composer, Music producer, host of YouTube show "This Week in Sneaks"
Also known for: "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)"
Work on Community
Title: Composer
Active on Community: 2009-2010

I like those LeBron X Crown Jewels but at that price, they better take care of my Crown Jewels, not just my feet.
Jacques Slade, Twitter

Jacques Slade, also known as KU or Kustoo, is an American rapper, actor and spokesperson. He is perhaps best known for his onscreen appearance in the 2008 movie "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story ". He portrayed a rapper by the name of Lil Nutzack whose character parodied the incorporation of old songs by hip-hop artists into their own music. Other credits include a free style rap battle scene he wrote in the 2008 movie Drillbit Taylor. As a musician he released the album "Before the Hype" in 2007. On "Community" he is responsible for composing a number of the rap songs in Season One including "I Never Die", "Night Caps" and the rap part of "Pierce You're A B". He also created the Greendale Promo Rap, which is on his YouTube channel and was never featured in the show. He appeared on the show in the episode "Home Economics" as a rapper hired by Pierce to create a rap in retaliation for the song Vaughn had wrote about him. He continues to create music for television and film and was also featured in a commercial for Onstar. He is an avid sneaker collector and blogs at He also hosts a weekly YouTube show "This Week in Sneaks". He currently resides in Pacoima, California.

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