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Jeff's Lexus

  Jeff's Lexus  
First appearance: Spanish 101Owned by: Jeff WingerUsed by: Jeff
Purpose: transportation— Made by: Toyota Motor Corporation   PHOTO ICON

It's Wednesday. Sometimes, I eat in Jeff's car. Don't tell him.
Abed reveals where he has lunch, "Aerodynamics of Gender".

Jeff's Lexus is a compact luxury sedan that is one of his most prized possessions (along with his cellphone). He has owned the car for several years; it's one of the few luxury items he got to keep after being disbarred and served as a reminder of the life he had before Greendale as a high priced defense attorney. Its first appearance was the Season One episode "Spanish 101". It was last seen in the Season Six episode "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television".


Season One[]

On Jeff's first day of school, he reluctantly traded his Lexus to Ian Duncan for the professors blue smart car. Jeff agreed to deal believing he would in turn recieve the answers to all his tests for that semester. When Jeff learned Duncan tricked him in order to teach him a lesson about cheating he immediatly took back the Lexus ("Pilot"). Sometime later, Jeff parked his Lexus in a faculty spot after swiping a parking pass from a teachers vehicle ("Spanish 101"). After missing a few payments on his condo, Jeff was kicked out and forced to live in his car. Shirley and Britta found out when they saw him behind the cafeteria changing clothes out of the trunk of his Lexus. When the Lexus was towed away he was temporarily forced to move in with Abed in his dorm room ("Home Economics").

HE Towed
Jeff's Lexus is towed.
Jeff agreed to join the Greendale Debate team after the Dean offered him an official faculty parking spot for his Lexus ("Debate 109"). When Pierce challenged Jeff to find a date he hooked up with the Dean's new assistant Sabrina Shmuckle. The two ended up making out inside Jeff's Lexus but her immaturity and shallowness caused him to lose interest in her. As he tried to exit out of this awkward situation he sarcastically gave his Lexus to Sabrina ("The Politics of Human Sexuality"). In order to avoid talking about his relationship with Britta to his friends, Jeff bailed on a study group meeting and took a nap inside his Lexus which was covered in paintball splatters ("Modern Warfare").

S01E23-Lexus paintballed
Paintballed Lexus.
When the Spanish 101 finals were to start Ben Chang was fired for having fraudulent teaching credentials. Thinking that Jeff was responsible, Chang went to the parking lot and used his keytar to damage Jeff's Lexus. Before Jeff could stop him, Chang dented the Lexus frame and shattered its windshield. Jeff and Chang fought over the keytar on top of the vehicle before campus security arrived. They ignored the security guards warnings to stop and ended up being tasered ("English as a Second Language"). At the end of the school year, Jeff was driving the still battered car and parked it in the faculty spot he received as a reward for participating in the debate ("Pascal's Triangle Revisited").

EAASL-Changing up the Lexus
Changing up the Lexus.

Season Two[]

At the start of Jeff's second year at Greendale, he repaired the Lexus over his summer break returning it to pristine condition. Not long after starting school he took Troy and Pierce out for a ride in the car supposedly to get some ice cream. His actual intent was to disprove Pierce's ridiculous religious beliefs on his mother coming back from the dead by forcing him to view her corpse at the morgue. He had a change of heart after listening to a CD Pierce's mom made for her son which passed on a touching message. Jeff turned the Lexus around and took them to an ice cream parlor instead ("The Psychology of Letting Go"). After bonding with the female study group members, Abed lets it slip that he sometimes ate lunch in Jeff's car ("Aerodynamics of Gender"). On Troy's 21st birthday, Jeff drives him and Abed to a bar where they meet up with the rest of the study group to celebrate. Troy later becomes the designated driver by default when everyone else is wasted and drives the Lexus to take them all home. Jeff makes out with Britta in the backseat while Troy is escorting Annie to her apartment. Abed was annoyed as he too was in the backseat at the time ("Mixology Certification").

MC Troy makes a startling revelation
Troy driving Jeff's Lexus.

Season Four[]

During Jeff's fourth year at Greendale, he drove his Lexus to meet with his estranged father William Winger on Thanksgiving. He parked it in William's housing complex parking lot alongside his fathers car, a classic Mercedes Benz convertible with a license plate that read "WINGINIT". He went to his dad's residence but got cold feet about the reunion, got back into his Lexus and drove away. A call from Britta, who was already inside William's home, convinced him to go back. The dinner went well until William made a thoughtless comment about abandoning Jeff and his mother. Jeff stormed out and drove away in his Lexus only to be surprised by his half-brother Willy Jr. who was hiding in the backseat. Willy inadvertently made Jeff realize he couldn't leave without explaining to their father how much his absence hurt him. Once he did that, Jeff and Britta went back to his Lexus to leave for good this time. Willy followed them outside and thanked Jeff for telling off their dad. He reached through the driver side window of the Lexus and gave his brother a hug ("Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations").

4X5 Wingingit
Both Wingers like the high end cars.

Season Five[]

Jeffs Lexus is mentioned during a polygraph test into Pierce Hawthorne's death that the remaining study group members participated in. In an attempt to unburden themselves of all their secrets, Annie admitted she hit Jeff's Lexus in the school parking lot. She originally claimed it was struck by a Taco truck and regretted how racist her lie came off in retrospect ("Cooperative Polygraphy").

Season Six[]

In his sixth year at Greendale, Jeff is shown parking his Lexus in the spot reserved for recharging electric vehicles ("Ladders"). Jeff is next shown parking his Lexus in the school's parking garage. He is confronted at night by his student Willy via the convict's telepresence robot who compliments Jeff on his car. The Lexus is shown again when Willy approaches Jeff once more in the parking garage only to have his robot thrown down a flight of stairs ("Laws of Robotics & Party Rights"). Three years ago a man named Ryan Ridley was saved by Jeff from a weightlifting exercise gone bad. He is later shown in a montage of degrading tasks he feels indebted to perform which includes washing Jeff's Lexus ("Grifting 101"). Jeff's Lexus is last seen when he drops Abed and Annie off at the airport ("Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television").

S06E01-Electric Lexus
The "electric" Lexus.


Lexus IS 350[]

The Lexus Jeff owns is a second generation IS 350, produced by Toyota. Abed incorrectly identifies it as a 2002 LS 430, which is the larger luxury variant sold by Toyota. The IS 350 that Jeff drives did not launch until 2005. The car on the show is dark blue, has four doors and a sunroof. It's powered by 3.5-liter V6 engine offering 306 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. It's capable of going from zero to 60 mph in just 5.5 seconds. At the time the car was sold, it was available with many upgrade options; Jeff's model sports a low aggressive look which gives it a similar appearance to the Lexus IS-F. In 2009, Jeff's license plate was 361-QBC.