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Jeff's cell phone

  Jeff's cell phone  
First appearance: PilotOwned by: Jeff WingerUsed by: Jeff
Purpose: mobile phone— Made by: Research In Motion Limited   PHOTO ICON

Who the hell are you a always texting? Everyone you know is already here!
— Annie, "Competitive Ecology".

Jeff's cell phone is the one constant in his life as he is never without it and carries it with him at all times. The phone has become a part of his identity as it helps him to maintain his persona of being cool and detached from everyone else. He is seen constantly texting, updating his social networks, or more often than not, just playing a game on it in various episodes. Its first appearance was in the Season One pilot episode.


Season One[]

At the beginning of Jeff's first year at Greendale, Jeff tries to get Abed to leave him and Britta alone in the study room by sending him a text. He later gets a text himself from Ian asking him to meet with him on the football field ("Pilot"). Jeff secretly uses his cell phone to take a photo of a poem that Vaughn had written for Britta ("Social Psychology"). In Abed's dorm room, Jeff argues on his phone with someone he's trying to sell his collection of Spider-Man comics to ("Home Economics"). While preparing for a debate with City College, Jeff leaves his phone behind in the study room after he experiences some sexual tension with Annie ("Debate 109"). Jeff is on his cell phone when the group nominates him to talk to Chang about eases up on homework ("Environmental Science").

Duncan's misguided grasp of abbreviation.
Desperate to find a date for the upcoming STD fair, Jeff looks through his contact list on his phone. Upon seeing the list, Britta chides Jeff for not giving any of the women names and instead labelling them by their attributes. Jeff later realizes how shallow he was being and changes Britta's contact info from "Blonde Spanish class" to her actual name ("The Politics of Human Sexuality"). Before the Winter holidays, Mike Chilada challenges Jeff to a fight. Jeff removes his phone before his fight with Mike ("Comparative Religion"). The Dean tricks Jeff into showing up to the Greendale Gazette Journal Mirror by sending him a text about free Sephora samples ("Investigative Journalism"). After a night of drinking, Britta sends Jeff a voice mail laced with B.C.I ("Communication Studies"). While attending pottery class, Jeff is playing with his cell phone instead of working on his assignment ("Beginner Pottery").

Jeff's phone
"What base Wingman?"

Season Two[]

Even after Jeff is "zombified" at the Halloween party, he is seen still playing with his phone. After he and the rest of the students are cured by Troy's efforts, he pauses for a second before he resumes playing with his phone ("Epidemiology"). When Annie loses her pens and insists no one leave the study room until they are found, he pretends to contact "Gwynnifer" to tell her he's doing a bottle episode and throws the phone down onto the study table ("Cooperative Calligraphy"). Before the Valentine's Dance, Jeff has a fight with the study group but later realizes he was wrong does a Winger speech apology via a text message he sends out to everyone ("Early 21st Century Romanticism").

S02E06-Jeff cool as a zombie
Jeff, still cool as a zombie.
Jeff uses his phone to coordinate Abed's "Pulp Fiction" surprise party at a diner with Britta while he meets Abed at a fancy restaurant. After becoming engrossed with a conversation with Abed, he ignores Britta when she repeatedly tries to contact him on his phone. Annoyed by her calls he throws phone into a glass of water to get it to stop ringing ("Critical Film Studies"). During the game of Paintball Assassin against City College, Jeff is playing on his phone and ignoring Troy who is trying to rally the Greendale students ("For A Few Paintballs More").

2x24 Jeff on his cellphone
Jeff ignores Troy trying to rally the students.

Season Three[]

In Biology class, Jeff is expelled for interrupting Professor Kane's lecture when his cell phone constantly goes off. When Jeff asks Professor Kane if he can return to class, Kane only agrees if he gives up his cell phone. He says it's a symbol of his pretentious nature and a way for Jeff to keep his distance from other people. He describes Jeff as someone who keeps his walls up and won't let a single blade of grass in. When Jeff is accidentally sprayed with monkey gas, he experiences a hallucination where he is eating his phone. Later, Jeff realizes Kane was right and sends him a gift: his cell phone in a potted plant penetrated by a single blade of grass. Kane then kicks out Star-Burns, freeing up a spot in class for Jeff ("Biology 101").

BlackBerry it's what's for dinner

Blackberry, it's what's for dinner.

B 101 Jeff's cell phone RIP

R.I.P. Jeff's phone.

When the study group argued over who got to pair off as lab partners, Annie caught Jeff texting on his cell phone. She wondered who he could be possibly texting since everyone he knows is in the study room ("Competitive Ecology"). On Annie's moving day to Troy and Abed's apartment Jeff pretended to be sick so he could shop at the mall. When Britta called Jeff he got a store clerk to help convince her he was at a hospital ("Studies in Modern Movement"). Months later Jeff was asked to give a toast at Shirley and Andre's wedding. He asked Annie for help and she told him to look inside his heart to find the right words. Jeff took her advice literally and a number of images flashed by, including one of his cell phone ("Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts").

He really loves his phone
Jeff really loves his cellphone.

Season Four[]

At Halloween, after freeing Pierce from his mansion's panic room, Jeff is seen at home in his boxing costume and calls his father ("Paranormal Parentage"). Jeff is on his phone in the hotel lobby where "InSpecTiCon" is being held when Lauren approaches him ("Conventions of Space and Time"). He is checking his phone as the Study Group walks into the study room and discovers The Germans there ("Alternative History of the German Invasion"). In an emotional speech to his estranged father, Jeff admits that he spends time composing texts on his cell phone to no one just to avoid having to interact with other people ("Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations"). Jeff is holding his phone in several scenes when he walks into the study room as the group plans how to get a grant from the MacGuffin Institute ("Advanced Documentary Filmmaking").

S04E02-Jeff calls his Dad
Jeff calls his Dad.
Jeff is checking his phone in the hallway when Pierce asks him out to a barber shop, when waiting outside for Archie DeCoste to arrive and at Silvio's Barber Shop ("Economics of Marine Biology"). At the Sophie B. Hawkins dance, Jeff texts Britta a congratulation message on pulling the dance off ("Herstory of Dance"). Pretending he is Jeff, the Dean texts when he has no phone and later is seen texting ("Basic Human Anatomy"). In a flashback to 2008 at Yogurtsburgh, Jeff is looking at his phone until he looks up at Chang and asks if Ian Duncan still works at Greendale ("Heroic Origins"). After Evil Jeff says horrible things to Annie, Jeff is seen trying to call Annie until he finds Evil Annie in the library. Later, Evil Annie is in a red dress and gives Jeff his phone, encouraging him to call Mark ("Advanced Introduction to Finality").

S04E13-Jeff and Evil Annie phone
Evil Annie encouraging Jeff to call Alan.

Season Five[]

Jeff calls Alan Connor when he intends to turn the Study Group against Greendale. He also checks his phone several times when in the study room, just like in "Pilot" ("Repilot"). As Jeff adjusts to being a teacher and is enjoying the Teachers' lounge, Annie calls him to find out how his curriculum is going. Later, he walks into his law class and is speaking to his students while texting ("Introduction to Teaching"). In his office, Jeff is playing a game on his phone when Annie approaches him about the Ass Crack Bandit ("Basic Intergluteal Numismatics").

S05E02-Jeff teaching and texting
Jeff teaching and texting.
Jeff is texting just before Ian Duncan prompts him to ask what everyone is doing on Friday night so that Duncan can mention an event that will interest Britta. Later at the theatre bar, Jeff is texting as Duncan flirts with Britta ("Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality"). Jeff (and everyone on campus) uses his phone a lot participating in the MeowMeowBeenz beta test ("App Development and Condiments"). Jeff and the committee are playing a game on their phone when the Dean runs in to tell them an insurance appraiser is coming ("Basic Story"). Jeff uses his phone as a flashlight when exploring the buried hallways to the lab of Russell Borchert ("Basic Sandwich").

S05E13-Jeff and Britta flashlight
Jeff using his phone as a flashlight.

Season Six[]

In his sixth year at Greendale, Jeff is seen with his phone much less than previous years. Often, a glass of scotch has replaced his phone. He is seen with his phone when the situation room is created to respond to an attack ad by City College involving a dog named "Ruffles" who went to Greendale and, when the Dean thinks he is texting Jeff ("Basic Crisis Room Decorum"). When teaching a class that included the telepresence convict "Willy" as a student, Jeff turns "Planet Earth" on TV instead of teaching and uses his phone. Later, he's on his phone when Willy confronts him in the parking garage ("Laws of Robotics & Party Rights").

S06E03-Jeff texting in situation room
Jeff texts in the "Situation Room".
Jeff (and the entire committee) uses his phone a lot to view leaked emails from a hacker protesting the upcoming performance of Gupta Gupti Gupta at Greendale ("Basic Email Security"). Jeff is on his phone (and drinking) when Annie and Abed come into his office to tell him they will be playing "The Ears Have It" with Elroy ("Advanced Safety Features"). While the committee looks through the new course catalogue, Jeff is texting ("Grifting 101"). Jeff (and the committee) plugs his phone into a charger in Elroy's RV causing the battery to fail ("Basic RV Repair and Palmistry").

S06E07-Jeff drinking and texting
Drinking is the new texting.



Although in the pilot Britta mentions that Jeff has an Apple iPhone it is clearly a BlackBerry which was at the time manufactured by Research in Motion Ltd. before they became BlackBerry Limited.


"The Politics of Human Sexuality"[]

Car wash redhead, tube top R.E.M. concert, juror #6...that sounds above least you've got Mommy in here.Britta
That's not my mom.Jeff

"Biology 101"[]

I'm here to apologize Dr. Kane and beg you for a seat in Biology.Jeff
I tell you what want to learn about life? Give up the phone.Marshall Kane
Oh, you asking me for a bribe?Jeff
I can't be bought man, you feel me? You see, prison was my walls but you put your walls and your phone and your attitude and your fruit loops cologne. Your walls put up so tight man not even a blade of grass can get through...but even if it did you wouldn't appreciate it. That's why you can't come back to my class.Marshall Kane