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Jeff and Abed 2x1

Jeff Season Five
  Jeff and Abed  
Abed Season Five

  Jeff Winger : Joel McHaleFriends    Abed Nadir: Danny Pudi  
  Status:Friends  -  First appearance: "Pilot"

Pairing biography[]

Abed, I see your value now.
Jeff to Abed, "Pilot".

Jeff and Abed
Jeff Winger and Abed Nadir
portrayed by Joel McHale and Danny Pudi.
Jeff and Abed were the first members of the study group to meet on onscreen. As Abed is someone who has trouble understanding others he admires Jeff's ability to easily connect with people. Although Jeff is annoyed at times by his constant pop culture referencing, he respects Abed's opinions and often sees value in his observations. After a brief falling out happened between them, Jeff agreed to help Abed with his problem of connecting with others as long as Abed helps him try to treat them right. Both value their friendship with each other and Abed even created an elaborate deception one time to maintain it. Jeff is portrayed by Joel McHale, and Abed is portrayed by Danny Pudi.

Pairing history[]

Season One[]

Abed, why are we the only...

Shh...keep watching. It's beautiful.''

–Jeff asking Abed a question, "The Science of Illusion".

School year synopsis

After attending their first Spanish class together, Abed introduces himself to Jeff afterwards. Once the long winded and lengthy introduction is over, Jeff asks Abed about a fellow classmate of theirs named Britta. Abed impresses Jeff with another lengthy monologue pertaining to the woman in question. Jeff uses the inside info to form a fake study group to woo Britta but is surprised when Abed shows up along with four other Spanish 101 classmates. Once Jeff's deception is revealed, he is kicked out. However, Abed and the study group meet up with him after the study session is over and decide to let him rejoin them. During the school year Jeff helps Abed convince his father to let him study film and stands up for him when he is bullied. Abed helps Jeff by giving him a place to stay after he is evicted from his condo, becomes his "Radar" when he lands a job at the student newspaper and directs a performance he has to give for a drunk voice mail he is sending to Britta. In the middle of the school year, Jeff and the study group install Abed as the new fry cook in the cafeteria in order for him to gain control over the most coveted item on the menu: Chicken Fingers. Abed takes the opportunity to turn the study group into a mob-like Chicken Finger syndicate. After Abed goes too far in order to establish his authority over the group, Jeff resolves to take him down. After confronting Abed he learns it was all an attempt by him to understand people and in turn be understood by them. Jeff tells Abed that he will try to help him understand people better if he will help him try to treat them better. To seal the deal, Abed insists they do an homage to "Sixteen Candles". At the end of the school year, Jeff joins forces with Abed and Troy in Greendale's annual paintball game.

2009 - 2010 semester

"Pilot": Jeff meets Abed and the rest of the study group for the first time (as far as he knows).

"Introduction to Film": Jeff and Britta help Abed deal with his controlling father.

"Comparative Religion": Jeff steps in when a bully named Mike harasses Abed.

"Investigative Journalism": Abed compares Jeff's new attitude to the character "Hawkeye" from the series "M*A*S*H".

"Communication Studies": After Britta embarrassingly drunk dials Jeff, Jeff gets Abed's help to restore the balance by delivering a convincing drunk dial performance to Britta.

"Beginner Pottery": Annie and Abed join Jeff in his latest "blow-off" class, Pottery.

"Physical Education": Jeff tries unsuccessfully to stop the study group from meddling in Abed's love life.

"Contemporary American Poultry": Jeff is replaced as the leader of the study group by Abed who rises to power through control of the most popular item on campus, Chicken Fingers.

"Modern Warfare": During the annual paintball competition, Abed saves Jeff who joins him, Troy and later the rest of the study group in order to win the coveted prize"

Season Two[]

''Oh, good, yeah, Abed. Cancel us. And while you're at it, why don't you take your cutesy, "I can't tell life from TV" gimmick with you? You know, it's very "Season One"!

I can tell life from TV, Jeff. TV makes sense, it has structure, logic and rules...and likeable leading men. In life we have this...we have you.''

–Abed's verbal smack down to Jeff, "Anthropology 101".

School year synopsis

In their second year together at Greendale, both Abed and Jeff are anxious about the new year but for different reasons. Abed is looking forward to more study group adventures on campus while Jeff is dreading the fall out from his actions at the end of the year Tranny Dance. Abed attempts to force some shenanigans by orchestrating a wedding between Jeff and Britta. Unfortunately this leads to some startling revelations which nearly tears the study group apart. Later, Abed and the rest of the study group find evidence that Jeff's old law firm buddy Alan Conner betrayed him by informing the bar association about his fake law degree. Before the Christmas holidays, Jeff takes part in a therapy session led by Ian Duncan to help Abed who seems to have lost his grip on reality. As Troy and Abed become even closer, Jeff and Abed start to drift apart. Abed tries to remedy the situation by manipulating Jeff into having dinner with him as an homage to the film "My Dinner with Andre". At the end of the year Jeff joins forces again with Abed when a new paintball tournament is announced. Abed and Jeff then rally the remaining students on campus to repel Dean Spreck and his invading City College army.

2010 - 2011 semester

"Anthropology 101": After Jeff's actions at the Tranny Dance comes to light, he is ostracized by the rest of the study group including Abed who delivers a particularly harsh criticism of his behavior.

"Accounting for Lawyers": In order to save Jeff from the bad influence of his old law firm buddy Alan, Troy and Abed break into Alan's office to find proof that he ratted Jeff out to the bar association.

"Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas": When Abed suffers a mental breakdown and imagines the world has become stop motion animated, Jeff and the study group try to help him by getting him to participate in a therapy session with Ian Duncan.

"Advanced Dungeons & Dragons": Jeff gets Abed to be the "Dungeon Master" for a role playing game he and the rest of the study group are playing with Neil who he believes may be suicidal.

"Critical Film Studies": Jeff sets up a special "Pulp Fiction" birthday party for Abed at The Greasy Fork but gets distracted when Abed instead has him meet him at a fancy restaurant to have an "important conversation".

"A Fistful of Paintballs": Jeff teams up with Abed again when another paintball competition starts up at Greendale.

Season Three[]

Just so you know, Jeff, you are now creating six different timelines.

Of course I am, Abed.

–Abed warns Jeff, "Remedial Chaos Theory".

School year synopsis

At the start of the study group's third year at Greendale, Jeff, along with the rest of the group, is invited to Abed and Troy's housewarming party at their new apartment. While there, Abed imagines several different scenarios unfold including one he labeled "The Darkest Timeline" which becomes an obsession of his throughout the year. Later, Jeff and the study group has to bail Abed out of the trouble he got into with a celebrity impersonator rental agency owned by Vinnie. Abed has a brief feud with Troy over their pillow and blanket forts. Jeff manages to broker a peace between them and save their friendship. Near the end of the school year, Jeff, Abed and the rest of the study group get expelled from Greendale. They were set up by Ben Chang and took the blame being for starting a riot in the cafeteria which cost the school their Subway franchise. Abed investigates what happened but gets caught by Officer Cackowski snooping on school grounds. Under threat of arrest, Abed is  forced into therapy with a psychiatrist named Dr. Heidi. Jeff and the study group accompany him and try to defend Abed's odd behavior. They discover that Heidi and the therapy session is a plot by Ben Chang to keep them away from Greendale where he was holding Dean Pelton captive. Abed, Jeff and the rest of the study group then resolved to free both the school and Pelton. Their elaborate plan to save the school fails and they all end up being captured by Chang and his security force. They manage to free themselves and end Chang's rule but it costs them a favor from the Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School. Troy was obligated to join the school and forced to leave all his friends behind. A  devastated Abed starts to lose his grip on reality and becomes "possessed" by his "Darkest Timeline" counterpart "Evil Abed". However, Evil Abed isn't able to go through with his evil plans when he takes to heart a speech Jeff delivers about doing good and being selfless. Abed is then able to reassert control over his body and later tells the group nonchalantly about how he went crazy for a bit and was about to cut off Jeff's arm.

2011 - 2012 semester

"Remedial Chaos Theory": Abed tricks Jeff into clearing his evening for the housewarming party by sending him a fake invite to the "Single Malt Boobs and Billiards" club.

"Pillows and Blankets": Jeff tries to broker a peace between Abed and Troy after the two have a falling out involving their rival pillow and blanket forts.

"Basic Lupine Urology": Troy and Abed investigate the crime of the murder of the study group's yam project while Jeff and Annie prosecute their suspect.

"Advanced Introduction to Finality": Abed becomes "possessed" by Evil Abed and tries to saw off Jeff's arm to recreate the darkness in "The Darkest Timeline".

Season Four[]

That was a killer speech Jeff.

I didn't say anything, I literally just walked over here.

–Abed congratulates Jeff on a speech he had just given in his "Happy Place" imaginary world, "History 101".

School year synopsis

The senior year sees Jeff set to graduate early and Abed worried about the study group's final year together at Greendale. He retreats into several different fantasy worlds in order to deal with it. Thanks to an imaginary "Winger speech" Jeff gave in one of those alternate realities, he is able to accept the change that is coming. Jeff and Annie join Abed, Troy and Britta in attending an "Inspector Spacetime" convention. Near the end of the school year, Abed pretends to swap bodies with Troy. At first Jeff is annoyed by their antics until he realizes that Troy was doing this in order to avoid ending his relationship with Britta. Jeff later helps keep the illusion of the body switching by repeatedly flipping a light switch creating the right atmosphere for Abed to switch bodies back with Troy. When as expected Jeff graduates early, he starts to have anxieties about returning to his former life and leaving the study group behind. He imagines a scenario involving "The Darkest Timeline" invading the "Prime Timeline" and his counterpart "Evil Jeff" trying to corrupt him. Abed in his daydream reminds him that he isn't the same selfish person he was when he first came to school and that his friends will always be there for him.

2013 - 2014 semester

"History 101": Abed is afraid that with Jeff graduating early, this year will be the last time the study group is together.

"Basic Human Anatomy": Jeff helps Abed and Troy continue their body switching role play.

"Advanced Introduction to Finality": Jeff tries to manipulate Abed into freaking out more about his early graduation. He later imagines that "The Darkest Timeline" counterparts to the study group have invaded the "Prime Timeline".

Season Five[]

"I see your value now." It's a callback from when we met in the first season.

–Abed, "Repilot".

School year synopsis

When Jeff's law firm flops, he returns to Greendale working on a lawsuit his ex-colleague Alan Conner. Abed learns of his return not realizing Jeff is helping to sue the school. They last saw each other when Abed shot a commercial for his law firm which he was not paid for due to creative differences. He tells the rest of the study group about Jeff and an impromptu reunion in the study room occurs. Jeff decides to drop the lawsuit and, as Abed predicted, accept a job as a teacher at school. Abed, along with the rest of their friends (minus Pierce), re-enrolled for a fifth year together at Greendale. A student riot over a grading scandal leads to the formation by Dean Pelton of a "Save Greendale Committee" which Abed, Jeff and the remaining study group join. Not long afterwards, Jeff and Abed join the study group in mourning the death of Pierce. After the funeral, a man named Mr.Stone asked the study group to participate in a lie detector test in order for them to receive Pierce's bequeathals. During the session, Jeff learns that Abed (along with Troy and Annie) have been using his Netflix account without his permission. Abed is also forced to admit that he put geotracking devices on Jeff and the rest of the study group. Sometime later, Jeff and Abed join the committee in playing a game of "Dungeons & Dragons" in order to help Buzz Hickey and his son Hank reunite. When a city inspector assess the campus, Jeff reigns in Abed so that his hijinks don't affect the appraisal. After the Greendale school board sells the campus to the Subway corporation, Jeff gets dragged into a treasure hunt by Abed which might stop the sale. Inside a buried computer lab is the missing fortune of the schools founder Russell Borchert. Abed eventually managed to find the lab and also Borchert himself who gave them the money they were looking for. Unfortunately, Carl Bladt, Richie Countee and Chang seized the money and sealed Jeff, Abed and everyone else inside the lab. Jeff hooked himself up to the emotion processing computer controlling the door. He generates a large enough burst of passion to reboot the system freeing everyone. Armed with some new information Borchert provided them, Jeff managed to prevent the sale.

2013 - 2014 semester

"Repilot": When Abed learns Jeff had unexpectedly returned to Greendale, he calls back the study group for a reunion.

"Cooperative Polygraphy": Jeff learns a few secrets Abed has been keeping from him and their friends.

"Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons": Abed is the dungeon master for another Dungeons & Dragons game with Jeff and their friends joined by Buzz and his son Hank Hickey.

"Basic Story": Jeff tells Abed to stop being so meta worried his antics might affect an important school appraisal.

"Basic Sandwich": Jeff reluctantly joins Abed, Dean Pelton and Annie on a quest to find school founder Russell Borchert's hidden treasure.

Season Six[]

Let's never stop being friends again.

We shouldn't have made you choose between Frankie and us.

–Jeff and Abed, "Ladders".

School year synopsis

In the second year of Jeff and Abed’s return to Greendale, the Save Greendale Committee loses Shirley as a member and gains Frankie Dart and Elroy Patashnik. Frankie is brought in as a consultant after the cafeteria roof collapses. She gets along with Abed but Jeff (and others) see her as a threat. When Jeff, Britta and Annie form a secret committee to oppose Frankie and set up a speak-easy beneath Shirley's Sandwiches, Abed refuses to join the committee. Once he sees the speak-easy, he joins and makes up with Jeff and the others. When Frankie leaves Greendale as a result of an accident in "Ladders" class, Jeff and Abed sing an apology to her to bring her back. When City College plans to air an attack ad on Greendale for giving a degree to a dog, Abed initially creates a counter-attack ad following Jeff's direction. When Annie and Abed become better friends with Elroy by playing “The Ears Have It" game with him, this makes Jeff jealous. He finds out Elroy's favorite band (Natalie Is Freezing) and hires them for a school dance. When Abed is filming his movie "Chief Starr and the Raiders of the Galaxy", Jeff convinces Abed that he needs to lower his standards in order to finish on time. Jeff also stars in the movie as the "Mayor of Space". When Abed chooses to cut a scene featuring Jeff from the movie, Jeff flips out. He and Abed have a moment in a pile of frisbees and Jeff realizes that everyone in the Study Group will leave Greendale except for him. He and Abed hug. At the end of the school year as the committee imagines next year, Abed announces he is leaving Greendale for Hollywood. Jeff fantasizes he is choking multiple Abeds. Eventually, he comes to term with it and drives Abed and Annie to the airport. He hugs Abed twice and bids him goodbye.

2014 - 2015 semester

"Ladders": Abed mentions to Frankie that Jeff saw a Pierce hologram last year and that none of the rest have ever seen. When Jeff, Britta and Annie form a secret committee to oppose Frankie Dart and set up a speak-easy beneath Shirley's Sandwiches, Abed refuses to join the committee. Once he sees the speak-easy, he joins and makes up with Jeff and the others. Jeff greets him with "what's the rumpus" which Abed recognizes is from the movie "Miller's Crossing".

"Basic Crisis Room Decorum": When City College plans to air an attack ad on Greendale for giving a degree to a dog, Abed initially creates a counter-attack ad following Jeff's direction. Abed changes the ad to reflect the truth, following Annie's direction.

"Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing": Jeff and Abed join the rest of the committee watching a theater production of "The Karate Kid" starring Chang and Annie Kim. Jeff also joins Abed in wearing cat masks and saying goodbye to the surviving bird Abed and Elroy removed from a nest in a computer router.

"Laws of Robotics & Party Rights": Jeff attends the party at Abed and Annie's apartment where Abed is filming his movie "Britta's Party". Abed asks him to party like there is no tomorrow so he can film it but Jeff's lame dancing causes Abed to move on.

"Basic Email Security": When the committee are setting up for the Gupta Gupti Gupta performance, Abed starts reading the leaked emails and notes that Jeff auto-paid for his car insurance.

"Advanced Safety Features": When Frankie warns the committee about guerrilla marketing happening at Greendale, Abed mistakes guerrilla for gorilla. Jeff corrects him. Later, they attend the Natalie Is Freezing concert together.

"Intro to Recycled Cinema": Jeff stars as the "Mayor of Space" in Abed's movie "Chief Starr and the Raiders of the Galaxy".

"Basic RV Repair and Palmistry": Out of gas in Elroy's RV, Jeff lectures Abed that the situation isn't a show, calls him dumb and tells him to go sit in the back of the RV. Later, when Abed has tried to "flashback" numerous times and is struggling, Jeff slaps him.

"Modern Espionage": Jeff and Abed team up with the rest of the committee (minus Chang) in Paintball Assassin and try and find out who is behind the latest game.

"Wedding Videography": Abed is filming Garrett's proposal and wedding so does not appear. He does tell Jeff to stop interacting with him when filming Garrett's proposal. Later, Jeff scolds Abed for remaining in his apartment when everyone else has left for Garrett's wedding and tells him to get going.

"Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television": Jeff initially struggles with Abed's announcement that he is leaving Greendale for Hollywood. Eventually, he comes to term with it and drives Abed and Annie to the airport. He hugs Abed twice and bids him goodbye.


"Basic Crisis Room Decorum"

Abed, can you make an attack ad?Jeff
Jeff wants me to make an attack ad. So why is he a pedophile? Just demonstrating the formula.Abed

"Basic RV Repair and Palmistry"

Abed. Is this a show? I thought you said you knew it wasn't a TV show.Jeff
Season two you mean? I don't know. I can change my mind.Abed
Well can I ask that it not be a show about you saying it's a show? Because dumb.Jeff