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Slater and Jeff

Jeff Season Five
  Jeff and Slater  

  Jeff Winger : Joel McHale  EXES     Michelle Slater: Lauren Stamile  
  Status:Ex-boyfriend and girlfriend  -  First appearance: "Introduction to Statistics"

Pairing biography[]

You guys be extra careful now. Two people with your rankings in this small room...hmmm...with this type of lighting and his upper body and what her heels and hemline are doing to enhance what were already are quite a few favors from's all the more important to keep it tasteful.
Dean Pelton, "Introduction to Statistics".

Jeff and Slater
Jeff Winger and Michelle Slater
portrayed by Joel McHale and Lauren Stamile.
When Jeff enrolled in his statistics class during first year at Greendale, he was immediately attracted to the teacher, Professor Michelle Slater. Having given up on Britta, he decided to pursue Slater romantically. Initially she rebuffed his advances because of her personal stance on dating students. After some time, he ended up winning her over and they began to date secretly for awhile. Eventually their relationship was discovered and the two were forced to go public. Michelle was implied to be the first exclusive relationship Jeff had ever been a part of and for the most part she managed to keep him in line while they were together. However, the relationship would came to an abrupt end leaving Jeff devastated. Jeff is portrayed by Joel McHale and Michelle Slater is portrayed by Lauren Stamile.


At the start of the study group's first year at Greendale together, Jeff tried and failed to win the affections of Britta. Believing it to be a lost cause, he turned his amorous attentions to his Statistics professor Michelle Slater. Although she admitted that an attraction to him as well, Michelle refused his romantic overtures due to her personal rule about not dating students. Despite her objections, Jeff was persistent feeling that he still had a shot. Upon learning she was to attend a faculty only Halloween party later that night, Jeff blew off Annie's "Dias De Los Muertes" event to go. He persuaded Ben Chang (who was at the time on staff as the Spanish teacher) to let him accompany him as his plus-one to the festivities. Once there, he again tried to flirt with Slater with little success.

S01E07-Slater shooting Jeff down
It's uncanny how many of my buttons you are pushing.
His chances got worse when his study group arrived to the party asking for his help to deal with Pierce who accidentally got hopped up on "medicine" Star-Burns gave him. Shirley also caused him to lose face with Michelle after she damaged Slater's car due to her belief that she was coming between Jeff and Britta. Due to these setbacks, Jeff becomes desperate enough to take Chang's advice on how to approach Michelle. Throwing away his dignity, Jeff begs Slater to sleep with him. Slater is finally convinced and the pair are about to leave the campus when Jeff is stopped by Troy. He pleads with Jeff to help Pierce who is at Annie's party still tripping out on drugs. Jeff reluctantly goes to deal with the matter and apologizes to Michelle for having to cut out on their date ("Introduction to Statistics").

1x07-Dean Pelton Slater Britta Jeff unseemly
Over Winter Break of that year, Jeff and Michelle would reconnect and soon started seeing each other on a regular basis. Slater was still worried about the inappropriateness of their relationship even though Jeff was no longer her student. The two decided to keep it a secret but Jeff was forced to admit to the study group he he was currently seeing someone when Britta found Slater's hair on his jacket. Although they tried to get more information out of him he refused to reveal anything more. Later that day, he and Michelle had a close call when they were almost caught by Dean Pelton making out in her office. Completely oblivious to what he almost witnessed, Pelton did warn them about teacher/student fraternizing.

S01E14-Slater and Jeff nearly caught by Dean
I think he might have ruined this.
They next day Slater ran into Jeff in the library and they made out behind the book shelves. Worried they might be seen by his study group, Jeff kept an eye on the study room in case one of his friends appeared. He didn't realize the study group had already seen them as they were all outside watching Jeff and Slater canoodle through a window. Jeff asked that they keep the relationship on the down low but Pierce went ahead and announced it on his twitter account. Dean Pelton soon found out and called the two of him into his office. After a bit of awkward questioning from the Dean, Michelle decided to come clean and proudly stated they were dating. However, Jeff was loathe to put a label on what they were doing which disappointed Slater. She immediately broke up with Jeff not wanting to be with someone who didn't want to commit.

S01E14-Slater and Jeff Dean interview
It's on there.
Jeff later goes to Michelle's office to apologize explaining that he feared defining what they are would make a future break up between them that much messier. Slater counters that statistically all relationships face that possibility and its nothing but an excuse to not try. Calling him out on his inability to commit, she asks him to leave. Jeff considered what she said and told her that he enjoyed whatever they were doing. He didn't care what they call it as long as they could continue doing it. Slater faked Jeff out that she still wanted him to leave before she closing the door and preventing his exit. Smiling coyly, she accepted his offer and the two later attended Britta's dance recital. During her tap dance routine on stage, Britta noticed them in the crowd holding hands and realized that the two had become serious ("Interpretive Dance").

S01E14-Slater and Jeff hold hands
The hand hold that froze Britta.
On Valentines Day, a brief rough patch occurred in the relationship. Slater was chaperoning a school dance in honor of the holiday while Jeff received a drunk dialed voice mail from Britta which was laced with B.C.I. (Booty Call Implications). Jeff teased Britta mercilessly about it but found that their dynamic had shifted and she was embarrassed by her actions. Abed pointed out to Jeff that he needed to send his own drunk message to Britta in order to restore the balance between them. He and Abed got wasted in order to send Britta an authentic drunken voice mail. The plan worked but it was later revealed she wasn't the only one he sent a message to. When Jeff arrived at the Valentine's dance he learned from Slater she received a drunken voice mail from him as well. His message to her was that he meant to call Britta and not her.

S01E16-Jeff and Slater kiss
Every day of the week, I want you to do what you want.
Unsure what to make of the message, Slater directly asked him if he was cheating on her. Although Jeff couldn't remember the messages he had sent, he adamantly denied her accusation. When he tried to explain the circumstances behind the message Michelle somewhat believed him. She was still upset, however, because she still felt he had some lingering feelings for Britta due to the extraordinary lengths he went to to save their friendship. Britta then arrived and played a snippet of Jeff's voice mail message:

"So look...I am re-e-e-ally into Michelle and I don't want to screw it up...she is a perfect girlfriend and I want you to be as happy as me because you're like my favorite friend...haha..I'm sorry..Abed just made a turtle face..."

Slater and Jeff sincerely thanked Britta for clearing things. The two then left the dance together to continue their Valentine's day ("Communication Studies").

S01E16-Jeff and Slater look back
The look back at Britta.
Despite forgiving him for the misunderstanding, their relationship comes to an abrupt end only a few weeks later during the school's "Family Day BBQ" event. Slater bluntly dumps a shocked Jeff who had earlier joked about having her meet his mom. Jeff pretends to take the break up in stride putting on a brave front for his friends. He mentions that as the dumpee he is allowed to have as much rebound sex as possible without being looked down upon. He tries to prove his point by having a quick fling with Pierce's ex-step daughter Amber. His facade crumbles when he attends the "Family Day Dance later that night. Pierce points out to him that Slater is flirting with another professor. Jeff finally breaks down as Pierce comforts him. He sobs about being forced to watch the TV shows she wanted to and proclaimed his hatred of "Glee" ("Basic Genealogy").

S01E18-Slater breaks up with Jeff
Slater breaks up with Jeff.
At the end of the school year, Slater approaches Jeff and admits she might have made a mistake. She claimed things between them were getting serious and she got scared. She asked him for another chance adding that she missed him. She left to let him think about it and later that day bumped into him at a keg party being held in Abed's dorm room. He was there with Britta and although the two women exchanged pleasantries the hostility between them was evident. Both women decided to attend the end of the year Tranny Dance where Britta was nominated for "Tranny Queen". At the dance, Slater and Britta shamelessly fought each other for Jeff's affections. Slater believed she had the advantage since she slept with Jeff. She was surprised to learn from a drunk Ian Duncan that Britta had sex with him during the paintball assassin game a few weeks earlier.

S01E25-Slater and Jeff makeup
I think I handled our breakup poorly.
As Slater and Britta got further swept up in their competition it became less about Jeff and more about one upping each other. Britta got on stage and embarrassed herself by prematurely accepting the Tranny Dance Queen award. Slater countered by flirting with Jeff and then kissing him. In response, Britta used the microphone to proclaim that she loved Jeff. Slater soon did the same thing leaving Jeff even more confused about what was going on. The crowd started heckling Jeff to choose between the women but he found himself unable to respond much to everyone's annoyance. When a fight broke out between Ben Chang and Ian Duncan, Jeff took the opportunity to make his exit. He and Michelle shared one last look before he left which ended up being the last time Jeff ever saw her ("Pascal's Triangle Revisited").

S01E25-Slater and Jeff decision time
Decision time for Jeff.


"Introduction to Statistics"

Please sleep with me, please...pretty please. I'm so lonely. I haven't slept with anyone in a very long time and you are so good looking. Please do me the favor of having sex with me.Jeff
Okay, stay three steps behind and promise you won't tell anybodyMichelle

"Basic Genealogy"

We need to have a talk.Michelle
What's wrong, are you breaking up with me?Jeff
Oh, ha ha! maybe we don't need to talk!Michelle