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Jenny Adams
Jenny Adams
Portrayed by: Carrie Wiita
First appearance: "Physical Education"
Date of birth: 1990
Major: Art History
Occupation: Student


I feel like I've seen you before ...
— Jenny talking to Abed, "Physical Education".

Jenny Adams was a student at Greendale Community College majoring in Art History. According to her GCC Campus Connect page, she describes herself as being an impulsive thrill seeker who is open to experience all that life has to offer. A picture she drew in her old Spanish text leads to a case of mistaken identities involving both the study group and her boyfriend, Joey Elkins. Her first, and so far only, appearance was in the Season One episode "Physical Education". She is portrayed by Carrie Wiita.

Character history[]

In the study groups first year at Greendale, Troy found a drawing sketched on a page of his Spanish book during a study session which appeared to be of Abed. He showed it to the rest of the group and because of the flowery, romantic images drawn alongside the picture they assumed a female student had a crush on him. Intent on making a love connection between her and Abed, the group investigated who owned the book before Troy. They found out through Señor Chang it belonged to a student named Jenny Adams. After further investigation, Annie located the girl in question in the Cafeteria. She was there all by herself reading a copy of the novel "Pride and Prejudice". When Annie pointed her out to the rest of the study group, Shirley noted with some surprise how attractive she was.

The group expected Abed to be excited over a prospective romance and waited in anticipation for him to go introduce himself. When he did nothing and they prompted him to go make a move on Jenny he refused. He explained to them he would never do something like that as it wasn't his style. Annie then asked if there was a version of himself who would take advantage of this opportunity. Abed considered this for a moment and then assumed a new persona. He walked over to her while role playing as some kind of hissing vampire creature. Jenny was too engrossed in her book to notice as Abed was led back to the groups table by Britta and Annie. As the group tried to privately discuss how he should approach Jenny, Abed tried once again to walk over to her as the creature. This time he was stopped by Troy who physically carried him back to the table.

Sometime later, the study group convinced Abed to make another attempt to introduce himself to Jenny. After a bit of coaching, he later made a second attempt while she was in the student lounge. This time Abed role played as a combination of Don Draper and Jeff. He made a good impression on Jenny who was amused by a few humorous comments he made. Jenny seemed to recognize Abed from somewhere as she continued to be charmed by his new persona. Just as he was about to go in for a kiss, they were interrupted by someone. It turned out to be her boyfriend Joey who bore an eerie resemblance to Abed. He called Abed a few insulting epithets and challenged him to a fight. The study group, who had been watching from afar, quickly stepped in and the misunderstanding was resolved peacefully.

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