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Portrayed by: BRENDAN HUNT
First appearance: "Studies in Modern Movement"
Date of birth: DECEMBER 25
Occupation: SON OF GOD


I assume you both have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
— Jesus, "Studies in Modern Movement".

Jesus is a hitchhiker Britta and Shirley encountered in the study group's third year at Greendale. His cheerful and friendly disposition at first amuses the pair until they discover it masks a more disturbing personality underneath. His first and so far only appearance was in the Season Three episode "Studies in Modern Movement". He is portrayed by actor/comedian Brendan Hunt.

Character history[]

In the study group's junior year at school, Annie accepted an offer from Abed to move into his and Troy's apartment. Although Shirley and the rest of the study group (minus Jeff) helped Annie pack up her things she had reservations about the move. She was concerned over the possible complications of one woman and two men under the same roof. She accompanied Britta who was transporting the rest of Annie's belongings to her new place. Tired of hearing those concerns, Britta picked up a hitchhiker to prove how while overly judgemental Shirley was being. Her plan backfired when the hitchhiker seemed to be a devout Christian. Shirley was pleased to have an ally until he introduced himself as "Jesus" and claimed to be the son of God.

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour
Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour?
An amused Britta got "Jesus" to reveal his stance on marijuana, which he felt should be legal. Encouraged by Britta, Jesus then played his guitar and sang a song. In the ditty he proclaimed his love for marijuana and drinking human blood. The two women were immediately put off by the disturbing lyrics. Their agitation turned to anger when Jesus told them about the next song he was going to sing which was about "race mixing". When he revealed the title was "Don't You Do It" both Shirley and Britta yelled at Jesus to get out of the car. He quickly exited the vehicle as the two women silently exchanged apologizes over what just happened ("Studies in Modern Movement").

S03E07-Britta Shirley Jesus-Get Out


Jesuuuuuuus loves marijuana. And drinkiiing human bloooood.Jesus