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Joe Russo
Joe Russo
Full name: Joe Russo
Birth date: 1971
Home town: Cleveland, Ohio
Occupation: Director, producer, actor
Also known for: Arrested Development, Happy Endings, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War
Work on Community
Title: Former director and executive producer
Directing debut: Pilot (with Anthony Russo)
Spanish 101 (solo)
Active on Community: 2009-2012

Joe Russo, along with his brother Anthony and Dan Harmon, were executive producers on Community from Seasons One through Three. Joe also directed a number of episodes including the show's Pilot. In Season Three, he and his brother slowly started to phase themselves out of the day to day production of Community; they started to focus more on other projects including the ABC sitcom "Happy Endings" for which they share an executive producer credit on as well. After it was announced that Community was renewed for a fourth season, it was also made official that Joe Russo, along with his brother Anthony and Dan Harmon, would not be returning.

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