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Portuguese gremlins. It's Portugal's answer to "Gremlins" if the question was how can we rip this off without spending any money and maybe having watched this twice.
— Abed, "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care".
Joelho-Alto Prejuizo Moral (in English: "Knee high hijinks") is a 1985 low budget Portuguese horror movie. It features small imp-like creatures who terrorize a village and are hunted by an old shop owner. The foreign film is a blatant rip off of the 1984 American movie "Gremlins". It deviated by adding different colored monsters which were meant to be a metaphor for World War II: blue ones were good, green ones were evil and red ones were indifferent. It is a favorite of cinephile Abed Nadir who appreciates it for its campy qualities despite its plagiaristic nature and shoddy production values. Its first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care".


In a remote village, tiny terrors known as Joelho-Alto Prejuizo Moral made their presence known during the Christmas holidays. In a curio shop, a young man unwittingly opened a box which held one of the creatures. Once it escaped it wound up in a kitchen where it attacked a cook and got covered in salt. This caused it to multiply and it’s clones ran rampant. They were drawn to romance and attacked two young lovers while they were having an intimate moment in a barn. One of the creatures hid inside a Christmas present and shocked a woman who opened the box. Another monster was at a church where it attacked a priest who briefly managed to turn it good by splashing the creature with holy water.

Unfortunately the light shining through the churches stained glass window created a rainbow which shined on the monster. Exposure to the light turned the monster more evil and it attacked the priest again. The young lovers tracked down an old shop owner who knew a lot about the creatures. He told them a list of the specific rules regarding the mischievous ones which need to be understood in order to defeat them. While he educated them, several creatures were seen outside the window. The young man asked the shop owner if their enemy had any known weakness. In response the old man declared they had just one: himself. He then killed several Joelho-Alto Prejuizo Morais that had entered the shop with a shotgun.


The Rules[]

1. Heat will make them evil.
2. Salt will make them multiply.
3. They are attracted to love.
4. They hate Christmas.
5. Holy water makes them good.
6. Rainbows make them more evil than the first time.
7. Only one thing can stop them "me".