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Portrayed by: Danny Pudi
First appearance: "Physical Education"
Date of birth: Unknown
Occupation: Student


Let's go, Slumdog!
— Joey challenging Abed, "Physical Education".

Joey portrayed by Danny Pudi.
Joseph "Joey" Elkins was a student at Greendale Community College who majored in business. According to his GCC Campus Connect page, he claimed to be polite, hated cats, his favorite TV show was "Glee" and he liked to compare himself to "Sarah, Plain and Tall". His uncanny likeness to another student lead to a case of mistaken identities involving both the study group and his girlfriend, Jenny Adams. His only appearance was in the Season One episode "Physical Education". He is portrayed by Danny Pudi.

Character history[]

In the study group's first year at Greendale, Troy found a drawing sketched on a page of his Spanish book which appeared to be of Abed. He showed it to the rest of the group and because of the flowery, romantic images drawn alongside the picture they assumed someone had a crush on Abed. However, it was actually a picture of Joey Elkins who bore a striking resemblance to their friend. Unaware of this, the group investigated who owned the book before Troy and found out it was a student named Jenny Adams. The group tracked her down and located her in the Cafeteria. They tried to get Abed to flirt with her but he didn't take it seriously and tried to approach her while role playing as a vampire. The group intervened before Abed got to her afraid he would scare off Jenny with his odd behavior.

PE Hearts and rainbows Abed
White Abed or Brown Joey?

After some convincing by his friends, Abed tried a second time to hit on Jenny when she was in the student lounge. This time Abed role played as a combination of Don Draper and Jeff. He made a good impression on Jenny who was easily charmed by his new persona. The problem was, she already had a boyfriend and it was Joey. Not only that, but he was actually there with her. He had stepped out for a second to get them some drinks from the vending machine only to find the two of them together. Upon seeing Abed hitting on Jenny, he angrily told him to back away from his girlfriend. After a few insulting epithets, he then challenged Abed to a fight. The study group, who had been watching from afar, stepped in and the misunderstanding was resolved peacefully.

The next day, Jeff was inspired by Abed's positive attitude over what happened to confront problems of his own he was having at the same time. He challenged his billiards class teacher Coach Bogner to a one on one pool game. A large crowd of students turned out to watch the showdown in the student lounge including Joey. After the match was over, Joey observed as a pretty female student named Courtney walked over to Abed who was playing pool with Troy. As she began flirting with him, Joey went over and sat next to Jeff who was also taking in the scene. Both were surprised at how Abed effortlessly attracted the opposite sex. Joey was so impressed with his way with the ladies he lamented out loud "Man, why couldn't I be Brown Joey?".

Joey's lament
"Man, why couldn't I be Brown Joey?"


In the DVD commentary for the episode, Danny Pudi mentions that make-up for this role took several hours and that it was very uncomfortable.

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