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Portrayed by: MATT WALSH
First appearance: "Aerodynamics of Gender"
Date of birth: UNKNOWN


At the apex of each bounce, there is a moment outside of time, outside of words, outside of everything...a perfect moment, a silent moment...I call it "The World's Whisper"...
— Joshua, "Aerodynamics of Gender".

Joshua portrayed by Matt Walsh.
After looking for an errant basketball, Troy and Jeff discover a secret garden behind the basketball court furnished with a trampoline. They meet the Greendale groundskeeper Joshua who has been its caretaker. A mysterious, soft spoken man who exudes a peaceful and gentle nature, he introduces the pair to the peace that can be found by simply bouncing away all their troubles. His first and so far only appearance was in the Season Two episode "Aerodynamics of Gender". He is portrayed by actor/comedian Matt Walsh.

Character history[]

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Troy and Jeff get into a series of competitions. After Jeff loses a basketball game to Troy he kicks the ball in anger towards some tall shrubbery outside he court. Troy goes after it only to discover a secret garden area hidden behind the foliage. There he finds a trampoline. As time passes and he fails to reappear with the ball, Jeff goes looking for him and finds him in the secret garden bouncing on the trampoline. They are then shocked by the sudden appearance of Joshua who introduces himself and welcomes them both. He explains to them the reason behind the secrecy and the purpose of the trampoline at the center of it.

S02E07-Joshua explains the rules
Joshua explains the rules.
He tells them that the garden was created to be a place "free of darkness" and a special area to use the power of the trampoline without distractions. When they start bouncing on it, the continuous act allows them access a higher state of consciousness. Time slows down, the rest of the world falls away, and they experience a moment of silence Joshua dubs "The World's Whisper". When they hear this sound, they are filled with peace and harmony. He allows them to continue using the trampoline to attain this tranquil state but gives them two conditions. First, they must keep the location of the trampoline a secret, and second, they must always bounce one at a time and never double bounce. As Troy and Jeff continue to use the trampoline, he becomes a mentor of sorts to them.

S02E07-Joshua after a bounce
Some are just natural jumpers.
The rest of the study group notices the obvious changes in their behavior, and Pierce becomes determined to figure out how they've managed to become so relaxed and carefree. He trails them with his RC helicopter and discovers the location of their attitude adjustment. After making his way there, he threatens to reveal Jeff and Troy's private hideout unless they explain their secret relaxation technique. Troy reluctantly complies, and when Pierce finds out, he eagerly tries out the trampoline for himself. After obtaining bliss from a few bounces, he demands that Troy join him for a double bounce. Pressured into it by Pierce's threats, Troy joins him on the trampoline. A huge double bounce sends Pierce flying high into the air and crashing down into the garbage dumpster outside of the garden. Pierce breaks both legs from the fall, and the accident causes the location of the trampoline to be exposed.

S02E07-Joshua gets fired
Joshua gets fired.
Joshua is summarily fired by the school for keeping something so dangerous around, and the trampoline is immediately destroyed. Jeff and Troy try to apologize for what happened, but Joshua reassures them that it's not their fault. He accepts the blame himself saying he should have known better than to trust a black guy. He then departs, leaving Troy and Jeff shocked at his racist comments. They then remember past interactions with him that now make sense in context, particularly him claiming that the garden is a place "free of darkness" and a suspicious swastika tattoo he had on his chest that he claimed was an unfinished maze. Still reeling from the revelation, Jeff admits to feeling some white guilt over the matter and offers to buy Troy some ice cream to make up for it. Troy happily agrees, having already moved past it ("Aerodynamics of Gender").

2x07-Jeff Joshua maze tatoo
It's going to be a maze.


I guess that's what I get for trusting some black guy.Joshua
When you found the trampoline, I thought the only way to protect it was to let you use it. Guess it goes to prove what I already knew: non-whites ruin everything!Joshua