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Joshua Changlourious Basterd2
Portrayed by: Ryan Lee
First appearance: "First Chang Dynasty"
Department: Campus security
Position: Security gaurd


Then you get to meet Chang's number one, Joshua. A four foot ten, 105 pound bucket of piss and and zit cream.
Murray, "First Chang Dynasty".

Joshua Changlorious Basterd
In the study group's third year at Greendale, Ben Chang, now employed as a campus security guard, made a hostile takeover of the school using a gang of middle school kids that made up his campus security force. Joshua was the worst of his troops, loathed by many including Leonard and Murray. He carries out Chang's orders without question, taking great pleasure in sadistically tormenting the students while doing so. His first and only appearance was in the Season Three episode "First Chang Dynasty". He is portrayed by actor Scott Ryan Lee.

Character history[]

Unable to find willing volunteers on campus to assist him in his security guard duties, Sgt. Ben Chang thinks outside the box and recruits a group of children he meets at a Bar Mitzvah. With their help he executes his secret agenda by replacing Dean Pelton with a look-a-like, getting the study group expelled and taking over Greendale. He and The Changlourious Basterds ruled over the campus for two months with Chang promoting one of the guards, Joshua, to be his second-in-command. They establish a near police state at the school with patrols done on razor scooters and using stun batons to enforce their rule. Joshua becomes well known for his cruelty, often playing pranks on students like Leonard.
The day before Chang's big birthday extravaganza, Joshua gives his boss some bad news in his office. Joshua informs him that the school funds he had been siphoning for his own use, such as a large throne, left them with very little money for the party. After freeing up funds by firing the custodial staff, the party proceeds as planned. Having been warned from another underling "Dr. Heidi", Chang anticipates that the "Greendale Seven" will try and disrupt the festivities. He puts Joshua and the rest of the troops on high alert. Joshua is given the important task of guarding a door which leads to the cafeteria basement where the real Dean Pelton was being kept. On the night of the party, Joshua is distracted from his duties by a girl flirting with him on Facebook.

Joshua males his report
Joshua makes his report to Ben Chang.
He bragged about it to his fellow guards unaware the girl was Britta who, along with the rest of the study group, was carrying out a plan to free Dean Pelton. She sends him an invitation to Chilli's and Joshua abandons his post to meet up with her. He passes on his job to another guard who is actually Annie in disguise. Jeff pointed out that Britta seems a little too proud that she successfully seduced a child over the internet. The study group successfully completed their mission and freed the Dean. They liberated Greendale when Chang's crimes were exposed to school board members Carl Bladt and Richie Countee. Joshua and the rest of the Changlourious Basterds were then relieved of their duties and the campus returned to its normal state.

Joshua receives a text from Britta
Joshua receives a text from Britta to meet him at Chili's.


I cannot express to you how much I hate this kid.Murray
Boys are pathetic. Two days of facebooking with this Joshua kid, and he's eating out of my hands. 'Got a new flavor of lip balm. Meet me at Chili's in ten minutes.' Sheep.Britta