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Portrayed by: NICK KROLL
First appearance: "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism"
Date of birth: 1980's
Major: foosball


Oh, you are so on that things now have become very much like Donkey Kong.
— Juergen, "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism".

3x09-Juergen schadenfreude
Juergen portrayed by Nick Kroll.
Juergen was a foreign exchange student at Greendale and the de facto leader of a German clique at school. Along with Karl and Lukas, he was studying abroad in the states under a Foosball scholarship. An enthusiastic player of the game, he was very skilled and took great pleasure in defeating and humiliating his opponents. Their overbearing and boisterous antics annoyed Jeff and Shirley who teamed up to give him and his friends their comeuppance. He has a brother named Reinhold who is later introduced. Juergen's first and only appearance was in the Season Three episode "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism". He is portrayed by actor/comedian Nick Kroll.

Character history[]

In the study group's third year together at Greendale, they meet for the first time Juergen and his fellow German exchange students Karl and Lukas. They make themselves well known on campus by obnoxiously beating other students at Foosball in the student lounge. Eventually Jeff becomes so annoyed by their antics he goes to confront them. He attempts to sarcastically shame the trio but is distracted when Karl offers that they will stop playing if Jeff can score one point on them. Juergen added they will give him a free shot and that he's not even touching the controls. Jeff accepts the challenge but the Germans are too skillful and he fails in his attempt. The exchange students mock him mercilessly with Juergen stating his pleasure at witnessing Jeff's humiliation.

Jeff confronts the Germans
Jeff confronts the obnoxious foosball enthusiasts.
The next day, Juergen and the others find Jeff and Shirley in the student lounge practicing on the foosball table. The trio taunt the pair before Juergen tells them to leave so they can play. When they refuse, he issues them an immediate challenge to play a game for rights to use the table. Shirley agrees but suggests the following Monday morning. She also adds that they up the stakes; the losers will be forced to never use the table again. Juergen accepts the challenge and decides to demonstrate what Jeff and Shirley have to look forward to.

3X9 Donkey Kong
It's ON like ping pong. Or something.
With Karl and Lukas supporting him, Juergen puts his arms around their shoulders. Keeping his legs together, he swings them back mimicking a foosball player game piece. Karl then holds up a soccer ball and Juergen says to Jeff and Shirley that the next time they meet they will "get this". He then swings himself forward and kicks the ball sending it towards them which they manage to barely dodge. After letting Juergen down, the trio smugly exit proud of the display they just put on. Jeff is annoyed that they would waste a perfectly good twenty dollar soccer ball just to pull off a stupid bit.

The germans
A $25 bit.
That Monday, Juergen and the other Germans are playing at the foosball table when Jeff and Shirley show up for their match. Karl joins Juergen on one side of the table while Lukas watches on from the sidelines. Jeff and Shirley start the game by passing the foosball quickly back and forth. Shirley then launches it into the air where it lands right in the middle of the table. Both Karl and Juergen try to get at the ball with their foosball players but its too far out of reach. Juergen starts to berate Karl and all three Germans start to argue amongst themselves. With the match at a standstill, Jeff and Shirley leave satisfied at the draw ("Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism").

S03E09-Juergen and Karl astounded
Karl and Juergen astounded.

The following semester the study group meets up with the German exchange students again when they are taking the same History course. Juergen isn't with them this time, instead his brother Reinhold is leading the group. On the first day of class, he personally greets Jeff and tells him he is aware of what happened between him and his brother. Reinhold then assumes the same antagonistic dynamic Jeff had with Juergen ("Alternative History of the German Invasion").